Top 25 Free Sites to Download PC Games – 2024 Updated

Updated January 24, 2024

Are you a Gaming enthusiast looking for free sites to download your favorite games on PC? Look no further. We have brought you 25 amazing sites that not only work as a portal to download PC games for free but also possess a vast library filled with popular games of all niches.

So, what are you waiting for browse these Best Sites to Download Free PC Games and find your match.

S.No.Game SiteS.No.Game Site
1Steam14IGG Games
2Origin15Game Jolt
3Ocean of Games16Dirty Little Helper
4Humble Store17Best Old Games
5Acid Play18Free PC Gamers
6GOG.com19Mega Games
7Skidrow Games20PC Games Download
8OVA Games21Gamer Sky
9Reddit Free Games22All Games A to Z
10Full Games
11Liberated Games24My Abandonware
12Home of the Underdogs25Epic Game Store
13Game Top

Top 25 Free Sites to Download PC Games

1. Steam


Steam is our number pick as a free site to download games for numerous reasons. The site is known for its extensive game library featuring niches like action, role-playing, and adventure along with a contrast of top indie games. Steam is an official selling site for games but it has a separate section dedicated to free games for gamers. Moreover, Steam has an interactive community where you can discuss games and connect with other users.

2. Origin


Origin is a gaming portal that offers a wide range of free games for users from popular to oldies available to play or download. It has a user-friendly library where you can view and organize your games for easy navigation. Moreover, the site provides regular updates to publicize new games to users.

3. Ocean of Games

Ocean of Games

Can’t download high-load games on your PC? No problem at all. With Ocean of Games, you can download any latest games in compressed size. The app regularly updates so you will always have something new to see and play. The best thing about this site is that it has games from all genres, giving a broad spectrum of titles for players to choose from. 

4. Humble Store

Humble Store

Humble is a digital store popular for its curated selection of free games. You can explore various titles from indie, classics, oldies, and other 12 categories available on Humble Store. Moreover, the hassle of playing a game online is now over. You can play the games downloaded on Humble offline. Another feature to highlight about Humble is that it offers games that are compatible with the majority of the operating systems including Linux, Mac, and Windows.

5. Acid Play

Acid Play

Acid Play is another great website for gaming enthusiasts to explore. It has some of the most engaging mini-games. With its super functional search box, you can easily search any title to get rapid results. Its easy-to-use interface allows users to navigate games conveniently. The speed of download is impeccable, giving you your favorite games.


GOG or Good Old Games is a digital site known for providing DRM-free games. This allows users to download any game they want without worrying about limitations. You can also access the downloaded games even without an internet connection. It has a vast collection of titles comprising both old and new games. The site also holds sales and discounts on popular games like GTA.

7. Skidrow Games

Skidrow Games

Skidrow Games is a popular gaming portal that offers a wide collection of popular and exciting games of all genres. The site also has an efficient search box that will find your respective game in seconds. You will never find a dull moment on Skidrow, since it has regular updates so new games are always on show. 

8. OVA Games

OVA Games

OVA Games is another great site to download free PC games. It provides an extensive game library that holds titles from various genre kike action, adventure, strategy, etc. You can browse through these titles and find what you like accordingly. The best thing about this site is that it has premium games also available for free and offers high-quality downloads, providing a smooth gaming experience.

9. Reddit Free Games

Reddit Free Games

Reddit is a well-known social media platform that provides its community with free links to popular games. The site has diverse genres of games. Developers sometimes post promotional giveaways to publish their games. It is a tight-knit community that is passionate about it sharing gaming secrets and discounts with other community members. Reddit also provides updates about new game releases. You can even rate your experience with such free links on Reddit to inform others.

10. Full Games Download

Full Games Download

Among the list of free sites for games, Full Games Download is another gem that offers a wide range of games in various genres. You can explore different games and find your match. The user-friendly interface makes navigation around the games easy and fun. You can download as many free games as you want as it provides super fast results. Another advantage of Full Games Download is that it requires no registration or subscription charges to access games.

11. Liberated Games

Liberated Games

Liberated Game is a site that supports independent game developers who offer their games for free. The site has an extensive collection of games of almost every genre. Moreover, finding a game or selecting a game is very easy, thanks to its intuitive interface. All titles are assorted in an organized manner making it easier for the user to find their games.

12. Home of the Underdogs

Home of the Underdogs

Home of the Underdogs or HOTU is a gaming website that offers its users a series of old games. Feeling nostalgic? Find your favorite game that you played back in the day here easily. This is a great way to remember old titles and relive your gaming experience. Another amazing feature of this site is that it provides detailed information about each game from its title, and description to user rating, all in one space.

13. Game Top

Game Top

Game Top is one of the great sites to upload PC games since it offers an extensive collection of exciting games. If you like racing games or enjoy puzzle games, you will definitely find great games to play. There will always be new titles to surf since the site regularly updates.

14. IGG Games

IGG Games

Are you new to the gaming industry? Don’t know how to or where to download free games from? We have got you covered. IGG Games is an ideal site for beginners who want to download popular games on PC for free. Not only does this site provide free links to games but it also shares tutorials and descriptions on how to download a game on PC.

15. Game Jolt

Game Jolt

Are you a fan of indie games? You are in luck since Games Jolt is a wonderful portal that encases a good variety of indie games, both popular and unpopular. The interface is incredibly attractive to the eyes. Besides, it also has an interactive community filled with passionate gamers.

16. Dirty Little Helper

Dirty Little Helper

Dirty Little Helper is a Portal that holds countless popular games. The extension library possesses games from almost every niche, from action to the puzzle, all at one stop. Besides it has an incredible interface that allows users to easily download their desired games easily.

17. Best Old Games

Best Old Games

If you were a gamer back in the day, you must surely miss your favorite video games. Best Old Games is the ideal site for you to reminisce about your old memories by finding your legendary games in the site’s directory. From action, sports, racing, simulation, puzzles, etc you will find games of each genre here in Best Old Games.

18. Free PC Gamers

Free PC Gamers

Given in its name, Free PC Gamers is a valuable site for hardcore gamers who enjoy high-drill action games like shooting, and racing. There are more than 11 categories alongside a search filter through which you can manually find your desired game. 

19. Mega Games

Mega Games

Mega Games is much more than a gaming site. Not only does it provide a great collection of games for its users but it is also known for offering cheat codes, bug fixes, and modified versions of the game which ultimately makes your gaming experience smooth.

20. PC Games Download

PC Games Download

Are tour games taking ages to download? Try PC Games Download which is the best site to install PC games in high quality and at super speed. Apart from its quick downloading service, it has a broad collection of titles to explore from. The site’s user-friendly interface allows you to see all the genres assorted in categories, making the task of game selection hassle-free.

21. Gamer Sky

Gamer Sky

The love for video games is universal. Gamer Sky is a Chinese gaming website but it is incredibly useful for downloading free games. It offers a wide range of various format games that will keep you hooked to this website. 

22. All Games A to Z

All Games A to Z

In AllGamesAtoZ, there are games for every taste. If you have something specific in your mind, search it up and you will surely find it on AllGamesAtoZ. The site provides complete details of each game making it easier for the player to understand the context. You will find all types of games whether they are popular or not.


Looking for a site to download 2D and 3D animated games? is the perfect fit for you since it offers an extensive collection of animated games of high quality. Moreover, it also has a responsive search engine that gives you your specific game shortly. 

24. My Abandonware

My Abandonware

25. Epic Game Store

Epic Game Store

Epic Game Store is another free site to download popular games on your PC. There are a variety of games that are developed by Epic Game Store and some by other developers. Each week there is an entire collection of games that are free to play. This technique is to publicize their store and expand their collection.


Everyone loves to play a game or two in their free time but passionate gamers are addicted to finding the latest video games from anywhere, no matter what. While not everyone can afford the costly subscriptions, these sites are a blessing for such gamers. Here we have presented 25 Free Sites to Download PC Games without any hassle. If you want to play music during games, you can download music on your android phone.


What games are available on Game Top?

There is a huge variety of games available on Game Top such as Conflict of Nations: World War 3, World of Warships, Rail Nation, Zoo 2: Animal Park, and World of Tanks.

How to download all games free?

Our list contain some of the best 25 websites where you can download games for free. You can download action, arcade, racing, shooting or any other game for FREE.

How to play android games on PC?

To play android games on your PC, you need android emulators for PC. Emulators like NOX, Bluestack can help you play android games on your PC for Free.

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