Zemana Anti Logger Free 3 Year License Key Promo

Updated October 6, 2023

As you can see that there are a lot of internet security softwares and anti virus, which claim to provide 100% security for your computer, but many of them will fail when it comes to the reality. I personally used several anti viruses and internet security softwares, but did not got 100% satisfaction. Except Kaspersky Internet Security which is of course the best one among all other internet security softwares. Still we need a expert in all field that can really protect PC from all issues.

Today i want to share a very unique security software, which is new but provide really 100% security against all type of issues. It is specially developed to protect computer from danger attacks of Malwares. The best thing is that it don’t relay on virus signature, but still it can defend computer from latest virus, threats and malware. When ever there is new malware, Zemana Anti Logger shut it down and stop its work. Another best thing about this software is that it will secure your online identity (Username, Password, Credit Card, Browser History, Keyboard History) etc. You can install Zemana Anti Logger with any anti virus and internet security. If bitdefender internet security or any other anti virus like defense anti virus is installed in your computer, this still you can use zemana anti logger to protect your computer with double security softwares.

Get Zemana Anti Logger 3 Year License Key

1. First visit the promo link and type the required information in the boxes. In first box type “Salutation”, in second box type “First Name” , in third box “Last Name” and in last box type your “Email Address” and click on “Senden” button.

zemana anti logger2. Now check your email for mail from [email protected] at the end of the mail there will be a link just like this one http://www.whitelitter.com.de/mailresponder/option.php?code=xxxxxxxxxxxxx, just click on it and you get another mail. In that mail you will receive your license code.

3. Download Zemana Anti Logger and use the license key received in step 2 to activate your copy of Zemana Anti Logger.

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  • bindegal

    Great promotion for Antilogger and PC Welt..
    Just a shame the “Giveaway” code dosent work at all..

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