Tech Changing the Construction Industry

Updated October 6, 2023

The construction industry has long been influenced by changes in technology. From heavy machinery to power tools throughout the ages, there is a lot to talk about. Yet, we want to have a look at some of the less obvious technological developments in the industry.

We’re talking about gadgets that have been designed for construction teams, and that benefit them greatly in terms of safety and productivity.

We recommend you go now to that link for some interesting ideas about technology – especially digital tech – in the world of construction. So, what are our favorite gadgets that the building world uses? Read on and you may be surprised at what is available.

Smart Clothing

We’re not talking about looking dapper, but about clothing that can react to certain changes. For example, there are programmable smart jackets that react to the body heat of the wearer and keep the individual at a prescribed temperature whether hot or cold.

This clever clothing eliminates the need for compromise in terms of comfort. For an item of smart safety gear, an innovative new type of glove recently came to market that changes color when certain dangerous substances are encountered. We expect more developments in the area of smart clothing for construction workers.

Laser Scanners

3D laser scanners are increasingly being utilized in the construction industry. For documenting progress and understanding a design far better than with a 2D drawing or photo the laser scanner has become an essential gadget for architects and construction site managers and teams.


Drones under 200

Drones have become a vital part of equipment in many different industries and play a great part in adding to the safety of workers on construction sites. They can be used in the early stages to help map out a proposed construction site and work out contours and further. Being able to get a picture from above without needing to climb is a bonus.

During construction, drones can be used to check the progress of the whole project as one, and also individual parts of the building as they are erected. There are specialist drones for the construction industry that can autonomously survey great areas and report back via an app without a user in control.

Bluetooth Headset

Being able to communicate efficiently in an often loud and distracting environment such as a construction site is essential. One misheard instruction can lead to mistakes and danger and added expense for the project.

Bluetooth headsets have become commonplace with building and construction site workers and allow the wearers to talk among each other without distraction. Designed to be weatherproof, the best examples can reach up to two miles and have controls that can limit the amount of external sound that gets through.

Smart Safety Glasses

Tech Changing the Construction Ind

One of the cleverest gadgets we have seen in the construction industry is smart safety glasses. A must for anyone in a dangerous situation is eye protection, yet these glasses go much further. Offering excellent protection, they also include a camera that can record while the wearer is working.

This allows them to create schematics and perform surveys hands-free, which has many benefits. The filmed content can be downloaded using an app and used for a wide variety of purposes. The camera can also add a safety element as if n accident occurs it will be on film.

Halo Lights

Another practical invention that combines safety elements with usefulness is the Halo Light from Illumagear. Lights that attach to a hard hat are not new, but this design is circular and intended to fit around a standard-sized hard hat.

With 360-degree illumination, the wearer can not only see up to a quarter of a mile but also be seen from all angles. The light is rechargeable and will last more than 30 hours on one charge.

Smart Helmet

The smart helmet is a recent addition to the construction worker’s tool kit. Incorporating a feature that allows for plans and instructions to be called up and displayed on the visor, the hat also includes an HD camera for video and still photography.

These devices add to the performance and productivity of the wearer by allowing them to check and record where necessary, and we expect them to become more popular over the years.


Technology plays a big part in all of our lives wherever we look. At home, at work, in the car, on the street – technology is everywhere, so it should be no surprise that there is a demand for gadgets and tech gear that adds productivity and provides safety in the construction industry.

The above choices are just a few of the gadgets that we thought you’d like to know about, and we are sure that when you start looking you will find there are many more that might appeal to you.

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