6 Latest Gaming Technology Trends

Updated November 22, 2023

The last few years have seen the gaming world have a massive overhaul and make use of all of the exciting technology available. The lines have never been so blurred between games and real-life thanks to things like VR and incredible build environments. So, what are some of the latest tech trends that are making things like an online casino, MMORPG, and how we play games even cooler than ever before?


Fifteen or more years ago, you probably couldn’t imagine people playing games to win huge cash prizes. Gamers sit with incredible rigs and clothing that is adorned with the names of some of the biggest gaming tech companies in the world.

But now, eSports are some of the most played games, and millions of people across the globe watch them. What is interesting about eSports is that it covers more gaming genres than people think, which is why there is likely to be some significant growth in that area in the next couple of years.

Cloud Gaming

Games have always needed a big chunk of the memory of our PC on the consoles itself – so when cloud gaming was introduced, a collective sigh was heard around the world. But it’s not just about the memory on the machine; it is about the shelf space and even how accessible it is to get a games store.

Cloud gaming means you can have any title you want – new or retro- on almost any device in seconds (maybe minutes because of download speeds). If you have an internet connection, you can get the game – it’s that simple.

And while games still aren’t cheap, cloud gaming with subscriptions has made getting access to the newest games much cheaper in general.


Augmented Reality has always been fun, but when Pokémon Go hit the mobile devices of millions, people started to see it as exciting again. AR combines the digital world with our own world and makes the game more immersive.

We are still waiting to see the full extent of what AR can do, but we are seeing it more often built into gaming apps now. Interacting with both virtual and real-world objects at the same time is not only cool, but it can make for a much more interesting game.

Adaptive Triggers

Haptic Feedback * has improved in the last few years, and now we have seen that transfer into adaptive triggers. And adaptive trigger changes based on what is happening in the game.

For example, if you needed to take a swing at a big mob, with huge weapons – that in the real world would be heavy – you’d need to press the buttons harder to make the move. But if you were using a lightweight weapon, then the trigger would be easier to press.

*Haptic feedback, also known as force feedback, is the tech that gives tactile sensations to users – like a vibration or a click; most of us are used to this thanks to our mobile phones. In gaming, haptic feedback is used to simulate real-world experiences, such as feeling the recoil of a gun or the vibrations of a car engine.


Artificial intelligence is everywhere right now and has made an enormous difference in how we live our everyday lives. When it comes to gaming, it can be used to change the game to suit the player’s style. For example, if they are often exploring or interacting in specific ways with the NPCs when given options, then AI will adapt the game to meet those interests.

Ai can also be used to develop interesting new features and game mechanics, story writing, character story creation, and more.

We are likely to see the use of AI increase, and it will change the gaming landscape more and more over the next few years.


Healthcare VR

One of the best things is that, over time, technology – hardware and software – becomes better and more affordable. We are seeing that in motion right now with things like VR headsets.

Another problem solved is that when the VR headsets came out, there were a limited amount of titles available to play. So not only was the tech expensive, but the games were limited and also expensive – a bad combination. We are now moving into a place where VR is more affordable, and more titles can use the technology!

VR is making a massive impact in a couple of genres, horror being one and casinos being the other. The technology is creating a completely new experience.

Gaming tech makes a huge difference in how games are experienced, and the tech we have now is getting more advanced. Playing games has never been as immersive as it is now – and who knows what the future holds!

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