3 Ways to Hide Messages on iPhone – Apply Filters on Messages

Updated October 6, 2023

There are times when you want to hide messages from a specific contact on your iphone. When it comes to iphone you may find it difficult to enable certain features that are very necessary for your privacy. For example you can’t use any Call Recording app on your iphone because they just don’t allow this. Although there are certain methods available to record calls but not officially allowed.

Similarly one of such feature is hiding messages on your phone. With Android it is quite simple to just install a third party app and completely hide messages from certain contacts but with iPhone you have to apply certain methods.

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How to Hide Messages from Specific Contact on iPhone?

The following are three different ways you can use to hide messages on your iPhone. Let’s go through it one by one.

1. Apply Filter Unknown Senders Feature to Hide Messages

When you delete a specific contact and Enable “Filter Unknown Senders”, you will have the option to hide messages from unknown senders in a separate folder. To do this you have to first delete the contact of the specific person so that all messages received are filter out to the Unknown Senders.

Step 1. Go to Contacts and search the number of the person and then click on “Edit

Step 2. Scroll down at the bottom and click on Delete Contact.

Hide Messages on iPhone

Step 3. Go to Settings> Messages and scroll down to Allow “Filter Unknown Senders” under the Message Filtering

how to hide iphone messages

This way all the messages coming from Unknown Numbers will automatically be filtered to the Unknown Senders folder. To Access the folder, Go to Messages and tap “Filters” on top-left of the screen and click on the Unknown Senders. There you will find all the messages received from unknown numbers.

Filter iPhone Messages

Although anyone can access the folder but this is just one of the way to hide your messages from a specific contact.

2. Hide Alerts of Messages from Specific Contact

Although you have filtered out the messages for unknown senders but still you will receive alters on the screen. It is recommended to disable alerts for the specific contact so that no one knowns if a contact in the unknown senders has sent any message.

If you have already applied the first method and deleted the contact, then follow the steps below. Otherwise, you can go directly to Messages and click on the person face/icon to disable alerts for the contact. Please note, to disable alerts for the contact you must receive a message from the contact so that you can have access to the “Disable Alert” feature.

Step 1: Go to Messages and tap the Filters from top-left of screen and go to Unknown Senders. Click on the person face/icon from whom you want to disable alerts. Scroll down to the bottom and click on “Hide Alerts“.

Hide Alerts iPhone Messages

This way, any message received from the specific contact will no longer be shown on the home/lock screen.

3. Completely Disable Notifications for Messages

If your situation need to disable all the notification from all the contacts, then this method will do the task for you. This way you will not need to “Hide Alerts” for specific contact and later if you want to revert the feature you can simply do this by Enabling the nonfiction again for the contact.

Step 1: Go to Settings>Notifications and scroll down to find “Messages“. Disable the “Allow Notification” and all the notifications received from the Messages App will stop.

Disable Notifications on iPhone

Recommendation: It is recommended to apply the first method and 3rd method if you want to hide messages from different contacts. However, if you just want to hide messages from a specific contact, then the first and 2nd method will work for you.


iPhone is known for strict privacy features however they have reasons to not offer certain features. For example call recording, completely hiding messages and tracking phone activities. As these certain features can be used against you as well. If one of your friend or partner hides messages from a specific contact without your knowledge and later reads all the messages, then you might get into trouble.

FAQs for Hide Messages on iPhone

You have to disable "Alerts" for the specific number from the Contact Profile Page. This way notification received from the specific Contact will not show on the Lock Screen. You can follow the method outlined above at 2nd part of the article to disable notifications on lock screen.

Yes you can hide on all iPhone models. The methods mentioned above are the same for all the models. However, the location of a specific setting may vary device to device. So make sure to use the Search Feature inside the Setting to find the required setting.

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