10 Simple Tech Solutions That Most Businesses Still Need In 2022

Updated October 6, 2023

Companies leverage technology to scale productivity, improve customer service, and reduce operating costs. While technology keeps progressing, there are still many straightforward tech solutions companies can employ to perform business activities. Some of these solutions are not expensive and don’t require the technicalities of an IT team. Here are simple, low-budget tech solutions most businesses cannot do without:

Tech Solution in 2022


  • Online Fax Service 

Companies are still using online fax service throughout the world. At present, many business owners are beginning to turn to this tech solution instead of traditional fax machines.

If your business requires you to send and receive faxes each day, and you’ve not yet tried utilizing online fax machines, you’re missing out on many benefits. With online fax services, you save time and money because you no longer have to use paper and maintain the fax machine. You also get to keep your files organized by making use of the cloud storage that can keep received and sent faxes and allow you to access documents anytime, anywhere.

  • Online Business Training

As a business owner, you should be keen on enhancing and expanding your employees’ skillset. With a small budget, you can organize online training for staff and executives of your company.

Online training allows you to spend less, so you’ll be able to pump extra funds for other divisions in your business. Additionally, it helps expand the knowledge and expertise of your staff while not compromising their comfort and convenience.

  • Time Tracking Tools

Time is an essential factor in business growth. Many apps can keep track of time, but few businesses understand their usefulness. As a business owner, it’s crucial to keep track of time so that employees stay focused on their tasks, which will lead to a boost in productivity. Moreover, time tracking tools help you identify accurate project estimates and make work processes transparent.

  • Teleconference Services

Every business has a virtual element, and there are a lot of teleconferencing services that companies can make use of and set up easily. A business will always need to conduct conference calls with staff or executives at different locations and at a given point in time.

  • Accounting And Bookkeeping Software

You can get bookkeeping software at affordable prices. They make a significant difference in your business growth, productivity, and profit. With accounting and bookkeeping software, your services are more efficient. Some easy-to-use software even allow you to carry out bookkeeping anywhere because your data is stored in the cloud. Every business owner needs the simple use of accounting and bookkeeping software to keep their files neat and organized.

  • Online File Conversion

While at work, you will always need to convert files and documents to other formats. With online file conversion, you can access different conversion software. This makes the conversion process easier and faster since you’ll get to convert graphics, videos, audio, and documents to different formats. Conversion can be done even when you’re working from another computer.

  • Scheduling Applications

Time is essential to every business. You’ll need to schedule an appointment with a client, plan an event, organize a workshop for the staff, or set up a product demo. Scheduling applications help you to monitor your current and future tasks effortlessly. You can make this accessible to people who might need your attention, and with the app, they can schedule meetings with you.

  • Screenshot And Screencasting Tools

While working, you’ll need to take a screenshot of essential pictures on your computer screen. You might need to send this to a customer, client, or coworker, add it as part of the details in a setup manual or for future use. You can find screenshot tools that can be integrated with the screen-casting tools you already have, and with it, you can make rich visual demonstrations.

  • Mobile Technology Solutions

Some business owners have implemented the bring-your-own-device policy where workers are made to use their own devices at work. This also saves the company some money, which can be channeled to other business segments. It even allows workers to enjoy the familiarity of using their own devices. However, before implementing this policy, you should be sure you can control the security of the devices.

  • Open-Source Software

Small business owners can use open-source software to manage their everyday business activities. This tech solution is an excellent alternative to mainstream commercial applications. It demands no monetary investment, and it’s flexible enough to fit seamlessly into the needs of a business owner. The tools are embedded with databases, graphics, spreadsheets, word processing, and so on.



Being technology-savvy doesn’t mean you should always go for high-tech tools. You can apply simple and low-budget tech solutions that will help you achieve business growth.

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