How To Watch Sports Streams When You Live Outside The US

Updated October 6, 2023

The thrill of seeing your favorite team beat another major team, getting to brag about your best athlete, and bonding with your guys over a wrestling match are just a few interesting things that sports add to the joy in human lives.

With the advances in ICT (Information and Communications Technology), sports lovers can easily stream their favorite games on the go–right from their mobile devices. However, for people leaving outside the US, which is a major sports center, streaming may be harder due to restrictions.

This post is for those living in Canada and other places in the world. Here’s a couple of solution for you to keep streaming your favorite sports:

Watch Sports Streams

1. Get A Great VPN

With the right VPN (Virtual Private Network), you can stream outside the US. This is because VPN replaces your IP address with an address from the US. VPN also automatically safeguards your DNS (domain name system) information and your online activity.

With VPN, watching sports on ESPN+ in Canada is possible at your own convenience. In addition, you can also access and stream all your favorite sports, allowing you to not miss out on anything again.

For sports viewers, the biggest benefit to this streaming approach may be its accessibility. Using high-quality VPN grants you access to streams that are otherwise restricted in your location or region. As most sports fan knows, you might not find some games in particular regions. But with the right VPN, you can watch many games on the go, even if they’re nowhere to be found on the TV in your home.

2. Checking A Website Or App

If you can’t get a quality and reliable VPN, you may also check websites to watch your favorite sports game. Some websites stream sports events, and they also provide these services for people to view for little or no subscription fee.

Some of the most popular places to stream sports include ESPN, FOX, HULU, SLING, DAZN, CBS, FUBO, PRIME VIDEO, and YOUTUBE.

Some of these services also post recordings of the game on their websites, allowing people to watch later if they miss the live stream. However, this isn’t a permanent solution.

Subscribing to an app or website may not offer the best viewing pleasure you want. Many of these websites have low video quality, which can be quite frustrating when you miss a really amazing goal or even miss seeing your favorite athlete reach the finish line. Besides, some apps and website viewings may not be suitable for all phones.

3. Buying A Foreign TV Subscription

If a person can afford an overseas subscription, then watching sports leagues like NFL games is possible. Some of these leagues provide subscription and access as long as you can afford it. With the subscription, you can watch NFL and other channels online even when you’re on the go or travel to another country.

If you already have a cable TV subscription with the ESPN channel, you can also access online streaming. All you have to do is to enter your account details and access all ESPN channels from here. This would feel as if you were back home watching from your cable TV.

Nonetheless, this approach may not be the best option for a diehard fan who often travels because the subscriptions may vary because of the country, and a person may just be restricted to a particular location. To stay safe and ensure all-time access, it’s better to stick to a high-quality VPN. With a reliable VPN, you’re guaranteed 24/7 access, regardless of your location.


Sports are a major part of human life. For many, life without sports would be a boring one. For people living outside the United States, there are solutions when it comes to streaming your favorite sports. They may cost a little, but with the right steps, it’s still possible to stream.

You can either subscribe to websites or apps that provide streaming services or buy a foreign TV subscription. However, the most reliable and cost-effective form of streaming sports outside the US is by using a VPN.

With a fast, secure, and reliable VPN and a strong internet connection, the sky’s the limit for sports fans. You can conveniently move around the world and still access your favorite sports events without worrying about restrictions. You can also track your favorite sports and be updated regularly without any hassles. Thus, if you’re a major sports fan and don’t want to miss out on any action of your favorite sport, a VPN proves to be a worthy investment.

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