What Channel is NBC Sports on Xfinity?

Updated October 6, 2023

With wide coverage that spreads out across 41 states, Xfinity by Comcast is one the largest cable providers in the U.S. Xfinity offers internet, cable TV, phone, and home security services.

Xfinity always has its mind set on satisfying its customers. If you are an Xfinity TV subscriber or thinking of subscribing to its cable TV, then you have come to the right place. Xfinity offers many perks with its cable TV subscription, such as Xfinity X1 TV, which we will discuss later on.

Xfinity TV has an impressive channel lineup, which may get overwhelming if you want to know whether a particular channel is in the plan that you have or want to subscribe to. NBC is a popular sporting channel that many people love in the U.S.

Therefore, to make things easier, we will be sharing what channel is NBC Sports on Xfinity, a little about the channel itself, and Xfinity TV plans.

About NBC Sports on Xfinity

What Channel is NBC Sports on Xfinity

NBCSN on Xfinity is perhaps one of the most popular sporting networks which is available to a whopping 122.4 million people all over the U.S. And, lucky for you, NBC Sports is available on Xfinity TV.

It honestly does not matter what kind of sport you like, because, with NBC, you get to watch all sports, even live sports.

NBC is an American sports TV channel owned by NBC Universal or Comcast. This channel is Oakley dedicated to sports lovers who want to have a specific cable TV channel that allows them to enjoy their favorite sporting events.

Xfinity TV Plans

Now, before we get into what channel is NBC Sports on Xfinity, let’s take a look at the TV plans Xfinity offers.

Xfinity TV plans are more than able to meet any cable TV lover’s needs. Xfinity offers 3 TV plans – Choice TV, Popular TV, and Ultimate TV. In addition, you are not obliged to sign a term agreement for any of these plans. How great is that?

That said, prices may vary in different Xfinity service areas. You should speak to an Xfinity customer service rep to find the accurate pricing for its TV plans in your area. Here’s what you can expect for Xfinity TV plans:

Xfinity TV PlanMax. No of ChannelsChannel LineupPrice*
Choice TV10+From FOX to your favorite Court TV, Choice TV is a simple TV plan, but with versatile channels to enjoy.$25 per month.

Popular TV125+Form ESPN to Nickelodeon, Popular TV offers a good blend of channels for both adults and children.$60 per month..
Ultimate TV185+From NBA TV to Disney Channel, Ultimate TV ensures that you always have something to watch, especially if you are a NBA fan.$80 per month.

*Automatic payments and paperless billing are required.

Do keep in mind that the above-mentioned prices are exclusive of broadcast TV & regional sports fee. In addition, these prices subject to change. Therefore, you should check all these details before subscribing to any one of these plans.

What Channel is NBC Sports on Xfinity?

The good news is that NBC Sports is available with all Xfinity TV plans. If you already have an Xfinity TV subscription, that’s great, but otherwise, you can get one today online.

Although the NBC channel is available in all Xfinity service locations, there are different channel numbers for NBC. Here are the channels you can expect NBC on in the various regions Xfinity offers its services:

StateNBC Channel Number
South Carolina10

Xfinity TV – The Ultimate TV Watching Experience with X1

Xfinity offers a very unique form of the TV experience, all thanks to the advanced X1 technology. You can now enjoy watching TV in a smarter way.

With X1, you get personalized recommendations to keep track of what you watch and suggest similar shows and movies. In other words, you will always have something to watch. Moreover, you no longer have to switch TV inputs, as you can watch anything you want on the X1 platform.

Also, X1 offers parental controls for households that have children. You can now control what your child can access, and set up passcodes for apps you don’t want your kid to access. The advanced X1 TV box ensures that every age group has an advanced and fun TV experience.

All in All

Xfinity TV packages are one-of-a-kind. It has an extensive channel lineup and you can always add on premium channels if you want. Of course, you will be charged separately for it, but it will be worth it.

We hope you now know which channel is NBC Sports on, and if you still can’t find NBC for some reason, call Xfinity customer service today to find out!

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