How the Modern-Day Sports Enthusiast Uses Their Mobile to Support Fandom

Updated October 6, 2023

Technology has given society countless obvious advantages in everyday life. In nearly every one of the world’s industries, 21st century tech innovations have opened doors to entirely new virtual universes that were previously only dreamed of.

This is certainly true for the business of sports, which draws millions of eager supporters to interact in various ways on the daily. However, nowadays with such advanced technologies, these fans can engage remotely with the help of their smartphones. Below we take a look at how modern-day sports followers are using their mobiles to ensure they get the very most out of the fan experience.

Live Streaming

Long gone are the days where fans must wait patiently for that televised football kickoff or hockey puck drop. Streaming has reinvented what it means to watch live sports, with around-the-clock access and a variety of free apps available for download on iOS and Android devices.

Sports Betting

Another way eager fans use their mobile phones is to engage in sports betting online. In the U.S., for example, many states have moved towards legalizing the activity which has created a huge growth in the market. Nowadays supporters frequent betting sites to place wagers on the sport of their interest as a wide range of professional athletics are available.

For example, dedicated followers of hockey review top NHL picks before important matchups, while baseball fans may check a specific player’s batting record in order to be better equipped to make an accurate bet on a game outcome. Because these platforms often have mobile equivalents, on-the-go betting is revolutionizing the overall experience.

Modern Day Sports


Staying up to date on the latest breaking news in the world of sports is just one way fans use their smartphone devices

Checking News Updates

Because mobile app stores contain millions of downloadable resources for sports fans, including access to breaking news and important statistics, enthusiasts are using their mobile phones to keep track of all the latest and greatest information related to the world of sports. This ensures that they never once miss a beat. 

Access Breaking News


The accessibility of live streaming means that fans can watch sports content from anywhere and at any time

Posting/Sharing Content on Social Networks

Nowadays practically every industry in the world is realizing the great benefits of social media marketing and the business of sports is no different. Professional leagues and their most elite players are all tapping into the virtual environments of apps like Instagram and Twitter to post and communicate relevant info.

Because of this, fans are able to engage with their favorite organizations and athletes directly by sharing this same content and sharing their own. By doing this, enthusiasts can also connect with fellow sports lovers and forge friendships with people who support the same teams they do, creating a type of virtual fan community.