Internet TV On Your Computer

Updated October 6, 2023

People today have some of the best technology available enabling them to watch TV on a computer. With the rising costs of cable and other digital providers, the monopoly that these companies have created are making them oblivious to the fact that their consumers are finding new ways to stream the television shows they enjoy, making internet TV one of the fastest growing options.

TV on the Internet

More and more consumers are becoming frustrated with the ever increasing traditional TV rates, and as a result are seeking alternatives. For those that are willing to browse the internet and do a little searching, there are many resources available when it comes to watching internet TV. What most people do not realize, is that there are enough options available through the internet that they can completely disconnect their cable subscription and still watch most of the shows, if not all, that they enjoy. All that is needed is a good broadband connection and a computer.

Options For Watching Internet TV

There are plenty of good choices when it comes to selecting what people will watch through internet TV. Some streaming devices offer more programming than others, and some offer a higher quality of streaming video. But, all options offer great programming at a substantially smaller rate than cable or dish programming. Some of the programming that can be enjoyed when watching internet TV include:

  • Movies and Network TV shows – There are many websites that offer the ability to watch cable TV online. Sites like Hulu and Netflix offer great programming and have a wide variety to choose from.
  • Popular TV Programs and Channels – Sites like TVChannelsFree offers one of the largest collections of TV channels on the web and features over 3600 channels from around the world. Everything from Animal Planet to German TV game shows can be found on this site. Another great site for this option is InnerLive, which offers great children’s networks like Nickelodeon and offers a chat room option to enjoy while watching programming.
  • TVWeb360 is similar to InnerLive, only without the chat room and fewer options when it comes to channels. Still, it costs less than cable.
  • Sports Channels – MyP2P is one of the best sites to catch live streaming sports, whether it is football on Sunday, or baseball in the middle of the week. This site has a relatively short list of programming available, but there is no shortage of live sports action.
  • News Channels Online – There are plenty of popular news channels like CNN, FOX, BBC World Service, and NASA TV offered on LiveStation. There are even channels for Discover and HGTV providing educational programming as well.

No matter what programs you want to watch, internet TV provides a virtually unlimited slate of programming for every viewer imaginable. From children’s programming to live action sports, streaming TV through your computer can provide hours of entertainment, while saving you hundreds or even thousands of dollars a year in savings.

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