[Giveaway] Usenet.NL- Free Premium Account with 120 GB Highspeed Download

Updated October 6, 2023

Today I would like to present a usenet provider to you. The usenet exists since 1979. Initially it was founded in order to establish  better  communication between several universities in America. Over the time more and more users joined and contributed to the network. Thus it gained huge amounts of data and discussions. With the development of the web 2.0 usenet had to go new ways. Due to this usenet nowadays is used to download binaries. There is possibly not one thing you can not find at usenet. Moreover there is not really a speed limit. You can download as fast as your internet connection can.

Update:- The first 3 commenters will receive the license keys today (25 Oct, 2012)

Why Usenet.NL?


Your IP won’t be logged by usenet.nl. Furthermore the available data is never censored. You get full access to whole usenet.


16 simultaneous connections at once guarantee fullspeed downloads at every day and night time without any restrictions.


The amount of data in usenet gets bigger and bigger with every. 2500 terabytes of data are available and there are around 5 terabytes of data added every single day.


The amazing Tangysoft client makes downloading from usenet to a real pleasure. It’s easy to use interface helps you to find the right download in no time

How to Get Free 50 GB Highspeed Download

Everybody who wants to try out the services of usenet.nl now gets the chance! The first three comments will get free access to usenet.nl to download up to 120 GB with highspeed.

1st Commenter will get = 120 GB Account

2nd Commenter will get = 50 GB Account

3rd Commenter will get = 30 GB Account

So what are you waiting for, drop a comment and get your account.