10 Websites to Watch Anime Online Free in 2022

Updated October 6, 2023

To watch anime online for free, you just need a reliable and free website and mobile or other display device. We have collected some of the best and free sites in the list below, where you can easily watch anime series or movies.

There are many websites available but most of them charge on monthly basis, however you can still find sites that can offer you to watch Anime online without credit card.

There is a solid reason why Anime is currently one of the most prominent subgenres in the entertainment industry. It is constantly enjoyable because of the fact that it is packed with action, adventure, and suspense.

Anime lovers who live in countries other than Japan often face difficulty tracking down the shows they want to see because many of the titles are not distributed in their area. Many people want to see Anime but cannot do so because they do not know about the websites on which they can watch free Anime.

Go to the list of the most trustworthy websites straight from the Table of Content where you can stream and watch Anime online for free.

Watch Anime Online Free

Is it Legal to Watch Anime Online?

Yes, it is legal to watch Anime online. It depends on which platform is being used for the online streaming of Anime.

Some websites own official licenses that allow them to stream anime programs online in a lawful manner and provide their fans the opportunity to see these series without cost.

On the other hand, some websites do not own the necessary permits to stream these shows on their respective platforms.

How to find good websites for watching Anime online

In this modern era, it is not difficult to find websites to watch Anime. You can easily find good websites on the internet. Furthermore, this article will help and guide you in the right direction so that you can watch Anime online for free.

How to watch Anime online?

If you have a smart device such as a mobile phone or a tablet in your hands, you can watch Anime online without making any effort. All you need to do is to follow any of the site mentioned below.

We have made things easier for you. This article is a comprehensive guide on how to watch Anime online. You can follow the steps to watch your favorite Anime online. We have prepared a list of 10 free-of-cost websites for you.

10 Best Websites to Watch Anime Online for Free

1. TubiTV

TubiTV’s streaming platform makes Anime on-demand easy. Anime fans should watch. It is a user-friendly internet platform that offers Anime. It’s a free, ad-supported streaming service.

The platform works well on all platforms and offers high-resolution material. The anime selection isn’t as large as on other platforms. It still has a great anime gallery. You can watch Anime online free of cost on this fantastic platform.

2. 9Anime.to

9Anime has a slick, eye-catching UI. It is a free anime streaming site. The website’s navigation complements its slick layout. Quick filters make finding Anime easy. The titles are alphabetized, simplifying the procedure.

New releases are added quickly. The current episode is posted online after it airs in Japan. Slow loading was the site’s sole issue.

3. Funimation

Funimation has brought Anime to a bigger audience. Even before it was a streaming platform, the corporation syndicated Dragon Ball Z, Beyblade, and Pokemon. The platform has 13000+ hours of unique content. It has a crazy UI that takes you wherever. Anime titles are organized so everyone may locate what they want.

The webpage streams quickly without buffering. It has some of Japan’s newest animations.

4. Gogoanime.so

GOGO ANIME is another free anime website to watch Anime online. The platform is slick and easy to use. It contains most new and classic anime properties. The latest anime releases are uploaded promptly. The anime titles are grouped by alphabet, year, and popularity. You’ll immediately realize which Anime is popular.

Gogoanime does not utilize adware despite being free. Slow loading time was our only concern, which may be fixed with a faster internet connection.

5. AnimeDao

AnimeDao is yet another free anime streaming network that emphasizes building an online community of anime enthusiasts by consistently making it simple to get fresh and excellent free anime material. It offers a user interface that is not too cluttered, is straightforward to browse, and loads pages at a rate that is far faster than other free websites.

The names of the Anime are also grouped very effectively, so there is no room for error when trying to discover the title you want. Here, you’ll find both dubbed and subbed versions of the Anime you are looking for.

6. AnimeFreak

AnimeFreak is yet another free anime website that provides a wide variety of anime titles to anybody who desires it without charging them a single penny out of their wallet. Even though it has a user interface that has a lot of room for improvement, it is still a viable platform that can be used to locate high-quality anime videos online.

There is not much more to the website than announcing when new anime titles have been published and applauding the introduction of such titles. When a specific source is not operating properly, you do, however, have the ability to select from a number of alternative sources.

7. Chia-Anime

Chia-Anime is for anime purists. It has music and manga titles besides visual material. Anime fans should watch. It is an excellent free anime site. It gives fans a free platform to stream decent Anime and read clean manga and has anime soundtracks.

The UI is simple to use. The site loads slowly. Here you’ll discover ancient and new anime titles.

8. SoulAnime

SoulAnime’s UI is distracting. It’s still an excellent site for free anime streaming. It includes practically all the titles you could ever want and replicates the most significant free anime platforms online. Its appearance may turn off some viewers. It’s still a fantastic place for free anime streaming. It’s easy to use and includes classic and current Anime.

As a free anime site, it’s easy to navigate, ad-free, and delivers high-resolution video. Genre or alphabet filters might help you find a good anime.

9. Kissanime

Kissanime.ru streams anime movies. This service lets you search by name, genre, and status. Over 4000 HD, 4K, and UHD anime episodes are released daily globally. You can search for your favorite Anime here and watch them effortlessly.

You can search for animation clips such as action, humor, dub, adventure, and more. Furthermore, you can watch both dubbed and subbed Anime on this platform. You can also utilize the advanced filtering feature. It is a free website.

10. AnimePlanet

AnimePlanet collaborates with Crunchyroll and Hulu to offer over 49,000 free titles. The platform delivers an accessible and engaging experience that makes anime and manga consumption entertaining. It is also a terrific way to connect with other anime enthusiasts. The portal offers access to forums, character ranking sites, etc.

AnimePlanet is a top anime website. It is dynamic, innovative, and intuitive. The best feature of this website is that it will not cost anything!


Being a fan of Anime in this era is so exciting. There has never been a time in history when watching Anime was as easy as it is now. Everyone can now watch their favorite show censor-free from the convenience of their own homes at any time they want.

The above-mentioned websites allow users to watch various animated motion pictures. These are the most incredible places to watch Anime online since they provide a top-notch experience to their users. There are many compelling features of each platform that we draw your attention to. These platforms are home to one of the world’s greatest manga and anime collections.

If you are searching for a website that streams Anime quickly and has a large variety of classic and contemporary anime titles, then you can go with any of the websites we included in our list. You can visit some platforms and determine your compatibility with them. There are several excellent free choices available, such as TubiTV, AnimeFreak, SoulAnime, and AnimePlanet, that can quench your appetite for superb Anime without putting a load on your finances. If you are economical with your money, you should check out these possibilities.

We hope you found this analysis of significant anime websites exciting and helpful!

FAQs for 10 Websites to Watch Anime Online Free in 2022

Yes, it is legal to watch Anime online for free. Some websites are in possession of official licenses that allow them to stream anime programs online in a lawful manner and provide their fans the opportunity to see these series without cost.

On the other hand, some websites do not possess the necessary licenses to enable the streaming of these shows on their respective platforms.

This is dependent on one's personal preferences. The original feeling the characters were supposed to convey is more accurately conveyed in the subtitled version, but the intended feeling is sometimes lost in the dubbed versions.

In addition, the majority of sites that stream Anime could not provide dubbed versions of your favorite Anime, leaving you with no choice except to watch it with the original Japanese voice acting.

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