15 Hidden NetFlix Tricks – Keyboard Shortcuts To How To Watch With Friends

Updated October 6, 2023

Netflix – the home of classic TV shows, movies, cartoons, and millions of subscribers is the most popular streaming service worldwide. It has some competitors, but none can match its fame.

Due to its ever-increasing fanbase, Netflix has introduced some features that make it more convenient. However, we can bet that even the most dedicated Netflix fans are unaware of some tricks and tips to elevate the bingeing experience.

Find new and upcoming content


Netflix Tips and Tricks

Netflix adds and removes media from its website every day. With the staggering number of movies and shows, it gets hard to keep track of new content.

Netflix has made it easy for you by adding two options on its dashboard. Go to the top and click on Latest to see new movies and shows. Scroll down to see upcoming content on Netflix.

Netflix roulette

Sometimes, it is not worth looking for one show or even requesting a show. Sometimes, you can just let Netflix choose something random for you.

It is a different kind of fun to watch something new. Use the Netflix Roulette and watch something for you; we can bet you it will be a rewarding experience!

Choose a high rating to avoid stumbling upon an absolute stinker of a show/movie. The Netflix Roulette is the best thing to use when you and your friends can not decide. Search the best VPNs to watch Netflix with friends if they live abroad and get the most out of Netflix Roulette.

Request your favorites

Netflix is more of a media curator than a library, due to which it does not have all the movies and shows in existence. It adds what it thinks is good content and what viewers will find enjoyable.

Hence, if you do not see a show or movie you want on Netflix, you can request it. Keep in mind that submitting a request does not guarantee anything, but if enough people are doing the same, Netflix might add it.

Personalized profiles

Netflix offers the option of creating up to five profiles to use its service. You can change the settings of anyone to suit viewing suggestions.

For example, you can change the maturity level for a kid’s account to match the content recommendations.

Keyboard shortcuts

These shortcuts will help you a lot while using the Netflix app on a pc.

  • You can go full-screen by using F
  • Pause/resume your video by Enter or Space bar
  • Mute/unmute the video with M
  • Increase/decrease the volume by utilizing the up/down arrow
  • Rewind the video by ten seconds with the help of Shift + left arrow
  • Forward (FF) the title by ten seconds by using the Shift + right arrow combination
  • If you are interested in stream statistics, use the CTRL + ALT + SHIFT + D command
  • Open control panel to fix buffering via CTRL + ALT + SHIFT + S

Stop the play-next feature

The Post-Play feature of Netflix is perfect for binge-watchers but is troublesome for most people.

Most people turn it on and forget to turn it off. Go to the Playback Settings and deselect the “Play next episode automatically option” to remove this feature.

Delete watch history

If you do not want other people to see your viewing history, you can delete it as follows: Look for the My Activity Page and then click the X beside the show or movie to delete it from your watch history. Doing this will also prevent Netflix from recommending any shows based on that one show.

Genres and secret sub-genres

All streaming channels organize their content according to genres, but Netflix takes one more step for convenience.

Netflix has a secret genre you can access via codes – for instance, 2700 is the code for political comedies. Go to Netflix Secret Categories or the Netflix ID Bible to access these codes, and you can find your content more accurately.

Pause/resume your subscription

If you want a break from Netflix for some time, open the account page and choose the “Cancel Membership” option. Netflix will remember your viewing activity for ten months, so you can resume where you left off whenever you want.

Extensions for hidden categories

If you can’t be bothered about visiting a website for those codes, get a chrome extension to do the job for you. If you don’t use Chrome, here is a Firefox extension for the same thing. There you go; accessing the secret Netflix genres is easy now.

Look For Content Using unogs And A VPN

Netflix functions in 95 territories, and it will only expand its boundaries in the future. Netflix does not upload the same content in every area because some countries have a better collection than others. The website unogs.com enables users to browse unofficial and exciting Netflix content worldwide.

You can type the name of a show/movie, and that website will show you similar content. Unfortunately, you cannot access this content if Netflix does not broadcast it in your country. Get a high-quality VPN to watch Netflix content outside your country but remember that Netflix can still track you down.

Downloadable content

Netflix allows its subscribers to download content to watch on the go. However, you cannot download everything on Netflix. Click on the menu and select the “Available for Download” option to see all the downloadable content on Netflix.

Watch with friends

Spending time with friends is always great, but sometimes people stay far away from each other. In such cases, you can use the extension called Netflix Party to watch shows and movies with your friends. As long as your friends have a valid Netflix account, they can use this feature. It also allows them to chat in real-time while watching the show.

Amp up the streaming quality

You will still have to pay for the better quality, but Netflix allows you to change plans quickly using the Change Plan page. Choose the Red-Carpet plan to get all the content in ultra-HD quality.

Personalize language and subtitles

If you love watching movies and shows with subtitles, you will be delighted to know that Netflix allows you to change them. Go to the Subtitles page, change their appearance to your liking and enjoy your favorite show/movie!

Wrapping Up!

Thanks to Netflix, binge-watching has become a common thing among people. Today, it is hard to keep track of its new features with the shows and movies. Fortunately, this article covers all the necessary Netflix features that every user should know.

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