Top Ten Softwares to Watch TV Online for Free

Updated October 6, 2023

Gone are those days when our daily dose of entertainment depended on bulky television sets. With people adapting to technology, it has become common to use personal computer as TV via Internet connectivity. In fact, there are online websites where you can watch TV for free.

Here is our top list for you:

1. Free Tube

Free Tube

It’s family friendly online TV watching software. It is family friendly because it removes all kinds of inappropriate content. You do not need to subscribe to any software or hardware. Just download the free version and install it. Select a genre, select the channels and start watching TV for free. The following Online Free Movie Streaming Sites also provides plenty of sites to watch movies for free.

2. JLC Internet TV

JLC Internet TV

The JLC Internet TV has perhaps the biggest database of existing TV channels. It has an easy to access interface with options to choose TV content according to user rating, content, genre and country. You can create a favorite list of channels and the software will automatically download program updates.

3. Steel Soft TV

Steel Soft TV

The Steel Soft TV software uses PIP functionality and records the programs as .WMV files for user preview. The files can be then played on the PC or Windows-based Smartphone.

4. Online TV Player

Online TV Player

The Online TV Player software gives you access to more than 1500 radio stations and 850+ television programs. The software is free from advertisements and the files load faster than some of the other online TV watching software.

5. TVPC Elite

TVPC Elite

This is free TV software which hosts more than 2000 TV channels globally. You can watch TV in multiple languages like Portuguese, Spanish, Italian, French and others. You can watch multiple sport channels, children programs, news, music channels and featured movies.


Hulu TV

Hulu TV is again one of the oldest sources among online TV portal. You have access to a host of animated series, documentaries, movies and daily sitcoms.

7. Free Live TV Software

Free Live TV Software

This software was developed after more than 5 years of the research, the Live TV software can be used to access TV channels from all over the world, 88 countries to be specific. You do not need any TV tuner card to use it. Just download and install the software on your PC or laptop.

8. Any TV

Any TV

Any TV is a collection of TV channels. You just need to select a channel, browse the channel programs and watch. They host programs of all genres and you can even watch live TV.

9. Live Station

Live Station

Live Station is developed in joint collaboration with Microsoft and it brings all TV shows and radio channels around the world on one platform. You can see all events “live”, unlike other channels where the programs are recorded and then uploaded after they are telecasted on TV.

10. Truveo


This software is developed and managed by AOL. It is a video search engine that provides relevant video results across genres like comedy, tragedy, sports and music. You have a TV Shows index to select from a list of popular TV shows. The interface is intuitive.

You just need a good PC and speedy Internet connection to watch programs on the above software portals. You do not need any TV tuner card or you do not have to download any of these for installation. They are all web browser based with easy to access interface, and to top it all, they are free to use.

Author Bio:- This is a Guest Article contributed by Mr. Sanjeev Kumar, who blogs about Smartphones, Tablets, Cameras and TV at  – a price comparison and product discovery website in India.You can connect with him on Google+ and Twitter.


  • Clara Alexander

    Hulu is NOT free

  • Mark Anderson

    I use Netflix only. Just planning to take HBO Go subscription as I am going to watch GoT.
    Thanks a lot man.

  • Rashmi Sinha

    I am used to HULU TV now. Been using it for quite some time now and find it easy to browse with plethora of episodes. But I know more names now, wont hesitate to try them out and see how it all turns out to be.

    Thanks for this wonderful list.

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