Top 10 Apps to Watch Live TV on Android

Updated October 6, 2023

If you love watching TV then surely you will be thankful to a bunch of talented and ambitious developers on the Android platform. There are a hefty number of cool android TV apps that you can install to watch live TV shows, films etc. There are numerous apps that can stream TV shows to your android mobile phone or tablet PC. I will find you a list of highest ranked and reviewed android TV apps.

1. Netflix


Netflix is ranked to be the best android TV app which is free. It provides you tons of videos that you can watch at anytime and from anyplace provided your device has a well and sound internet connection. Netflix gives you undisputed high quality videos with quality sound.

2. TV Online

TV Online

Although most of the channels are from Thailand but there are 160+ global channels also that can be watched for free on your phone. It is advised to use 3G for the best experience.



This android TV app streaming service will provide you service from HBO and let you watch your top HBO movies, shows, comedy specials. If you are fanatic of these then surely you will download this android app and watch conveniently on your mobile device and also it will allow you to customize your personal watch list. This is accessible only in US.

4. Crackle


Crackle is another free android TV app which adds a minimum 20 TV episodes and full movies every month. This app is also optimized for your android phones and tablets both, so with this you can stream HQ videos via 3G, 4G or Wi-Fi networks. But this app will only work in the US, Canada, the UK and Australia.

5. BBC iPlayer


This free android TV app allows you to watch TV program from the past week and also you can watch and listen live TV and radio respectively over your 3G or Wi-Fi networks. You can browse through the most popular or the upcoming programs. You have to download BBC media player in order to get the best quality. This is only available in the UK.

6. Eurosport Player


If you are a sports enthusiastic then you will surely going to download this app. This will offer you HD videos, stories, live commentaries and exclusive web chats with players, pundits and expert analysts.

7 Zeebox


Zeebox is a free, informative and fun TV app which will give you the chance to discover new TV shows and help you to stay connected with social buzz.



This android TV app will allow you to smoothly watch your favorite TV channels via a 3G, Wi-Fi or WiMAX networks. This TV app won an Android Developer Challenge in Media category for its faster channel launch and switching and for friendly user interface.

9. Vevo Videos


Vevo TV app is the best thing if you love to watch music videos, stream live concerts. This free app features over 75,000 music videos of about 21,000 artistes. You can enjoy the massive music library via 3G or Wi-Fi networks for best quality and sound.

10.   Hulu Plus


Hulu Plus makes it possible for you to enjoy unlimited instant streaming of content and classic hit TV shows with their paid subscription of $7.99.

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