How to Design a Website for Adsense Revenue Sharing?

Updated October 6, 2023

You can design a website, which can help you in generating and sharing the revenue. You can share the revenue, which you got generated from advertisement on your website. You will need publishers who will create the accounts on your website and will share there content and advertisements. When people will visit your website and click on the advertisements, then your website generates the revenue for clicking on these advertisements. You will need to share the part of that revenue to the publisher who is publishing his contents and video on your website.

Adsense revenue sharing is a program, which is most useful now a day to earn money from advertisements. You can share any percentage of revenue to publisher. It should not be 100 percent of generated revenue. It always depends on website to website. Some websites share the 30% revenue to publisher while some share 70%. Its all depends on you, that how much you want to share the revenue with your publisher.

Rank of your adsense revenue-generating website will be increased as much as visitors will be visiting your website. It also increases the visibility of your website on internet. You can earn more money by more traffic on your website.

Create an Account

There are many website, which share their revenue with publisher; you will need to create an account on their website. By creating an account, you will be able to get a separate page for yourself. On your web page, you can upload the fresh contents such as articles, video, images and other stuffs of your interest.

Get Advertisements

When you will upload the contents of your interest on your web page, you will get the advertisements available on your website. These advertisements generate the revenue for you, when visitors click on these advertisements. Clicks on these advertisements must be from unique locations and you must not ask your friends and relatives to click on these advertisements to increase your revenue. Any fraud way will result into termination of your account and you will not be able to earn anything.

Promote your Webpage

In order to generate more money you will need to promote or advertise your web page, so that more people can know about your webpage and they visit it from different locations. When they will visit your webpage, not only you will be able to earn the money but also the rank of your webpage will increase. Increased rank will help you in getting more traffic to your website and letting you earn more money.

Make Webpage SEO

To pull more traffic to your web page, it is necessary, that your web page must be search engine optimized, so that when any user search for any particular thing on search engine your website must populate as result on screen. Most of the time 60% traffic always comes from search engine on your website wile 40% comes from referral. Higher rank of your page will help it to get populated in search results of search engines.

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