How to Track Phone of Wife/Husband Silently [2024 Guide]

Updated December 23, 2023

When there is something wrong in relationship, it is human’s nature to spy on partner to know more and answer questions arising in mind. If you are looking for how to track a phone of your wife/husband without them knowing, then you have come to the right place.

While there can be several other justified reasons for you to track your partner’s phone, checking loyalty is one of first reason for tracking phone of your partner. You should always talk to your partner if you have any doubts and suspect cheating on you. However, if nothing is working and you need to find the answers by yourself, tracking the phone silently is the only way to clear your mind. Those who cheat will always try to hide their phone from the partner, but a loyal partner will not care if he or she finds out any phone tracking activity. Although it can hurt the feelings of your partner if you do it without permission, but most loyal partners will try every possible way to stay in the relationship.

Note: It is immoral and illegal to track someone’s phone without their permission. It is therefore advised not to track your partners phone without his/her permission. This article is for educational purposes.

So let us not waste more time and get started with it.

How Phone Tracking Works?

If we talk about location tracking, most mobile tracking applications use a global positioning system (GPS) to track the location of a target device. They basically use this technology to stimulate satellites using internet to transmit electromagnetic signals to the target device. It then picks those signals to display the real-time location on the device from which you are tracking your partner.

Moreover, these apps run in the background, so you can do so without your husband and wife knowing that you are tracking them. Other than this, many applications even let you see their messages, calls and apps installed.

However, you must ensure to use it for necessary purposes only. Intruding someone’s privacy, even if it is your partner, is legally prohibited. Hence, you may have to face severe consequences in a worse scenario.

7 Key Factors to Consider When Choosing a Phone Tracking App

Phone tracking apps are an ideal way to know one’s daily activities. However, many of them are just fake advertisements and can steal all the personal details on the target phone. For that reason, it’s vital to find a trustworthy, easy-to-use, and invisible application. Here are some key factors to consider when choosing the best spying app.

1. Installation

Of course, you would not want to get caught by your partner while installing the spying app on their phone. Hence, choose a program that takes no more time than five minutes to install and activate as a preventive measure.

Besides this, look for trackers that have a stealth mode, and deliver all your credentials to only the email address you have entered.

2. Tracking Features

Most spying apps have many features in common such as GPS tracker, instant message alert, and phone recording. However, the best one contains several other amusing capabilities, including:

  • Keylogger
  • Browser history viewer
  • Read deleted messages
  • Remote screenshots and call record
  • Block dangerous sites and applications remotely
  • Access to SMS and social media
  • Notifies instant messages
  • Read chat history

3. Compatibility

Make sure the app you choose is compatible with the target device. Whether iOS or Android, many apps are not compatible with old, unsupported versions.

You can check whether the app supports your phone or not on its official website or description from where you install it (Play Store or Apple Store). If it is not available, just ping a message or call customer care to check for compatibility.

4. Subscription Fees

We have included various reliable spying software that has different prices. These apps offer multiple subscription bundles with several features. And their price can vary depending on the features, number of devices you need to track, and duration of use.

Hence, as a concerned spouse, you should choose one that fits your needs and budget. Free services are also available for those who do not want to spend money on such apps. However, they trade off the great features and don’t always guarantee an anonymous spy.

Commonly, spy apps provide users with significant discounts on their annual subscription and only get a bit pricey when you need to spy on more than one smartphone.

5. Works Without Rooting or Jailbreaking

Unlike common spy apps, the best one should be able to process without the need to root or jailbreak. This is something that only a few tracking apps claim, such as Spyic.

6. Reliability

You must consider two essential factors to ensure your chosen tracking app is reliable. Firstly, the safety features it offers for your and your partner’s private data, and secondly, how effectively the app can hide itself, so your partner does not know you are spying on them.

For this purpose, mSpy can be a perfect pick as it guarantees minimum chances of data leaks. Meanwhile, it functions in a background mode maintaining the much-needed silence on the target device.

7. User Interface

It is better to opt for a tracking application that comes with a centralized dashboard to access all its features. Similarly, you must consider an app that has an easy-to-use interface. Or else you would be stuck in understanding the complexities of the app and get nothing productive out of it.

12 Top Apps to Track Husband/Wife Phone Without Them Knowing

1. mSpy

How to Track Phone with mSpy

The reason why mSpy tops our list of tracking apps is that it lets you view the messages that your better half receives on their phone and even if they have been deleted. Not only this, but it can also tell you their real-time location. You can then pin it on your device to get constant updates on their whereabouts.

The best part about this application is that it is compatible with both major operating systems, i.e., Android and iOS. Moreover, it functions in a background mode, so there are no chances of your partner discovering you are spying on them.

mSpy is undoubtedly an industry-leading phone tracking application, especially because it comprises a GPS-powered feature that allows the monitoring of live locations.

Read our mSpy Review for more detailed overview.

2. Spyera


If you are up for spending a few bucks to track your wife or husband’s device, then Spyera is a perfect pick. This app might be costly, with a starting price of $89, but all the benefits offer great value for your money.

However, it charges this amount for using the app on mobile phones. For computers, the price is just $49. Hence, with multiple available plans, it is easier to choose the one that best suits your needs.

This app has a simple interface supported by a centralized web control panel. This lets you access all the significant tracking features from a single place. Although Spyera is originally for Android, even iOS users can leverage its capabilities to test the loyalty of their partners.

In fact, many business owners also utilize it to track the activity of their employees. However, it is not to intrude on their privacy, but the sole purpose of monitoring workers’ devices is to ensure maximum professional productivity.

3. MobileSpy

Mobile Spy App for Android

MobileSpy is an Android and iOS-compatible spying app that comes with a plethora of exceptional tracking features. For instance, this app lets you gain live access to your partner’s mic and camera. Additionally, it tells the exact GPS location of the connected device in real-time, allowing you to know the places your husband or wife visits in a day.

What sets it apart is that it allows you to access different social media apps, including Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram, so you can easily see who your partner is messaging on their account. Besides this, MobileSpy also lets you view messages, calls, pictures, and videos on your husband or wife’s pocket device.

4. eyeZy

EyeZy Spy App to Track Wife Phone

It would not be wrong to call eyeZy one of the robust apps currently existing in the tracking industry. Not only on your spouse, but you can also keep a close eye on your younger ones’ online activities using this app to ensure secure use of technology. However, to use eyeZy, you must first opt for their paid membership and install the app’s software to get started.

Once you become an eyeZy member, the support team of this app will be available 24/7 to help you resolve any technical queries. Moreover, the app features a dashboard with a simple interface so that you won’t have issues extracting relevant information from a target device. In fact, it lets you track multiple devices at once, all from a single place.

5. pcTattletale

pcTattletale Track Husband Phone

Do you want to see who your partner is calling and what they are discussing without making it too obvious? Then install pcTattletale on your device, which lets you track the activity of your better half’s mobile phone, computer, and laptop. You just need 5 minutes to install the app’s software, and it will be ready to track whatever you want.

The capabilities of pcTattletale extend beyond just recording phone calls. Instead, it can also let you view the videos of the target device seamlessly. Similarly, you can see who your partner is chatting with and the websites they visit often. Moreover, it’s one of the few apps that lets users view even the email history of the other person in stealth mode.

Only Android or Windows users can leverage its features by paying $9 monthly, as it’s unavailable for iPhone users. It also features a free trial, so you can first test the app’s features before subscribing to its paid plans.

6. FlexiSPY

FlexiSpy App for iPhone

FlexiSPY, another powerful mobile tracking app, features widespread compatibility with all Android and iOS devices, including tablets, iPhones, and iPad. Moreover, it can also function seamlessly on a PC.

This app’s software installation is straightforward, and it takes only a few seconds to do so. All you need to do is subscribe to a convenient paid plan to get started. The beginning FlexiSPY price is almost $29.95 per month. The higher your willingness to pay, the more advanced tracking features you can access.

Moreover, you can lock the software on the target device so your better half can’t uninstall it easily.

Read Flexispy App Review to know more about it.

7. ClevGuard

ClevGuard App to Track a Phone

ClevGuard offers all the basic phone tracking facilities, but an exceptional feature sets it apart from other apps in this list. Through this, you can set a geo-boundary, and you will receive a quick notification whenever your partner gets out of it.

The best part is that this app supports multiple languages, so you can also use it natively. Besides that, it records phone calls on the target device, which you can access via the dashboard. Even the customer support of this software is top-notch, with the constant availability of the experts over chat and email.

However, all these advantages come with a price tag, i.e., $29.95 per month. Moreover, unlike other apps, it doesn’t let you monitor multiple devices on a single subscription.


XnSpy Tracking App

If you are willing to pay to spy on your spouse, then XNSPY is the perfect application to have. Its price starts at $4.99 per month, and despite these low rates, it doesn’t compromise on the features. In fact, you can find some advanced capabilities in this app that many tracking software lack.

For example, it records the target device’s screen in real-time, letting you know what your better half is doing on their phone. And you can even take screenshots from that recording to show as proof while confronting them. Besides the screen, you can also monitor their social media apps and who they are messaging.

Similarly, access to their emails, phone calls, videos, and images is also possible, thanks to XNSPY’s widespread capabilities.

9. Spyic

How to Track Phone with Spyic App

Several tracking apps want you to root your Android device to access their features. However, there are a few exceptions as well, just like Spyic, which doesn’t have any such additional demands. Using this spying app, you can easily track messages, calls, and the location of your wife or husband without them having even a slight clue about it.

The best part is that it comes with a free-of-cost demo. So you can first evaluate the app’s functionality before making any monetary commitments. Whether you use an Apple or Android device, Spyic is compatible with both for your convenience.

Many parents also use it to keep an eye on their kid’s online activity to protect them against cyberbullying and online predators.

Read our Spyic App Review to find more details about it.

10. Cocospy

Cocospy App for Tracking

Are you sure your partner is cheating you but lack solid evidence to confront them? Don’t worry, as Cocospy will help you in the course. This tracking app lets you view what your husband or wife does on their device in real time. Moreover, you can access their Whatsapp messages and emails as well.

Similarly, the dashboard of this application displays videos and photos on the target device, too, so you can gather all the needed proof to question your better half. Or even if they are loyal to you, you’ll at least have peace of mind after tracking their online activity.

Besides this, many parents and business owners also use it to monitor the activity of their kids and employees respectively.

Some additional features of Cocospy include a live demo, 24/7 customer support, and a money-back guarantee for almost two months. It’s certainly the longest we could find in any tracking application available in the market.

11. Hoverwatch

Hover Watch App

Hoverwatch is one of the few tracking apps that stays invisible on the target device so your partner doesn’t know they are being spied on. In fact, you can easily download the secret application using your online account.

Hoverwatch has three paid plans, each priced at different rates, so you can easily choose the one according to your needs and budget. The starting plan costs $24.95 per month with basic features. For more advanced capabilities, you must purchase high-tier ones. It even comes with a free trial making it easier to interpret whether the app is suitable for your requirements or not.

Besides pocket devices, it can even track the activity on Mac and Windows computers and laptops. From calls to messages and location, using Hoverwatch, you can access everything your partner does on their device in real-time.

12. uMobix

uMobix App

You can conveniently utilize uMobix to ensure your husband or wife are loyal to your relationship. This app lets you see their WhatsApp and Messenger texts, emails, social media activity, and real-time location so you know what they are doing at a particular moment.

Moreover, you can also capture screenshots from the target device to keep them as evidence in case you catch your partner cheating. Similarly, you can also see their browser history and incoming and outgoing calls on the uMobix dashboard.

A one-month plan of this app can cost you almost $29.99 with basic features. In comparison, the one with advanced features is charged around $59.99 per month. The best part about uMobix is that it runs on stealth mode, so your partner won’t be able to detect the app\s presence on their device.

How to Use a Tracking App to Track Your Husband/Wife’s Mobile Phone?

Irrespective of the application you choose the steps you use will remain almost similar. Let’s briefly overview them below:

  • Open the browser you usually use and search your chosen application’s website. If its software is installed on your device, launch it directly from the app menu.
  • Create an account by entering your credentials and other relevant details. If it already exists, log in using your email ID and password.
  • Select your preferred language to get started.
  • Now you need to set up your partner’s device on the spying application. For this, it’s necessary to access their device physically.
  • Follow the step-by-step instructions that the software displays on your screen. The process can vary slightly depending on your chosen app.
  • Firstly it will ask you to select the device’s operating system from Android and iPhone. Then, it will provide a link that will redirect you to the tracking app so you can download it on your spouse’s mobile.
  • For Android devices, it’s essential to deactivate Play Protect. You can do so by visiting Google Play Store on the target device. Simply launch it and select three icons on the screen’s top left side.
  • Now, click Play Protect and then settings gear on the top right. Finally, disable the Scan Apps with the Play Protect tab that appears on the screen. You can now simply enter the link into the web browser to install your chosen app on the target device.
  • Once the app is configured after properly following all the instructions, check the app’s dashboard on your phone to confirm whether it’s the target device is connected. Depending on the provider’s available features, it will instantly start showing who calls or messages your husband or wife, their live location, and other similar details.

How to Fix a Tracking Application Not Downloading on Device?

Most options we mentioned in our list of apps for tracking husband/wife mobile are straightforward to install. However, a few may present some challenges because of being incompatible with the respective operating system.

For an iOS device, you’d need to jailbreak to ensure a smooth installation. While rooting works for Android ones. Let’s briefly overview both processes:

Jailbreaking an iPhone

  • Firstly, it’s important to ensure your iOS device is up to date. If not, then update the latest version to proceed.
  • Download and install AltStore on your Mac from the Apple Store. Launch the app and install Mail Plugin. Once installed, simply activate it to proceed further.
  • Now use a USB drive to connect your mobile phone to your Mac and select your device on the AltStore app.
  • Enter your Apple ID credentials and click on the Install button.
  • Visit the Device Management section in Settings and select your Apple ID. Now click on Trust two times. This action will finally uninstall Unc0ver on your iPhone.
  • Now launch the web browser and search From there, install the 5.3.1 version of it on your device.
  • Once you open Unc0ver on your iPhone, it will display a blue Jailbreak tab. Click on it to proceed. Select OK to proceed, and your device will reboot itself.
  • Finally, run the Jailbreak tool in Unc0ver again, click on Jailbreak, and then OK. Your device is ready to install any tracking app you want.

Rooting on Android Device

  • Firstly, enable the OEM Unlocking and USB Debugging mode by visiting Developers Options on your device. You can access it by navigating through the Settings.
  • Install any authentic rooting application on your device from the Play Store and launch it.
  • If your device is compatible with the application, it will allow for a single click root. You just need to tap on that option, and your Android mobile phone will be rooted in a few minutes.

However, if the above steps fail, then you must have a computer to root. Here are a few simple steps for this:

  • Connect your device to the computer using any USB cable. Launch the similar root application that you installed earlier.
  • Once the app detects your device, it will display a dialog box with the text Root It. Click on it to start the process, which would take a few minutes to complete.

Note: Do not forget to back up your data while jailbreaking or rooting your device, as the process can sometimes lead to losing your important files. Hence, it’s more important to be safe than sorry.

How to Know If Your Phone Is Being Tracked?

Most cell phone owners are always being monitored or tracked by various apps to provide a friendly user-experience. One can’t guarantee their information is secured and won’t get into bad hands.

Even hackers can track your phone without you knowing it in many ways. These include data from your videos, photos, social media accounts, phone calls, messages, etc.

While you can’t stop hackers, obsessive spouses, or high officials from snooping on your phone, on the bright side, you will know if you are being tracked by these following signs. Don’t worry; if you see these indicators in your phone, there are ways you can get rid of such spying apps.

1. Presence of Unknown Apps

Oftentimes if your phone has been tampered with, you will find some random application sitting in your device that you don’t remember installing. These apps can be malicious, so you should thoroughly research and uninstall them asap.

It can be difficult to recognize these apps if you keep a lot of them on your device. But, once you realize your phone is acting weird, you should thoroughly review your apps from the app list on your phone. Rule out unwanted or random apps that you don’t feel safe with.

2. Increased Data Usage

Unusual usage of data can be a prominent indication of a tracking app. This is because the data tracking app has gathered will try to send it to the attacker continuously, hence the sudden spike in data usage.

To figure out its surge, monitor your regular data usage and ensure no unauthorized device uses your internet connection. You can do this by going to the network and cellular settings, and mobile data. You can also limit your data usage frequency to know the difference instantly.

3. Excessive Battery Drain

Another significant change you will feel in your device is the sudden loss of battery power. Gradual loss of battery is normal but sudden drop isn’t. Spying apps can take up a lot more battery than you can think of, and there is a way you can see your battery life.

4. Overloaded Ram and Slow Speed

If your device is being tracked, the additional apps, along with the use of GPS, can put an excessive load on Ram. This causes it to overwork, resulting in overheating and improper functioning of the phone.

5. Random On And Off

If your phone is being on and off unusually or continuously, this might be a hacker’s doing. The use of spy apps troubles the user with managing the device. If your phone is making weird sounds of lightning on certain calls, this could also mean the hacker is monitoring your screen activity.

6. Hearing Noise Behind Calls

Hearing random background noise or some sort of distortion when you are on call? This happens even if you are in an empty, quiet space. If this is the case, you might want to check your phone for any spy apps or malware. As this is incredibly dangerous, your private information is being recorded, which can be used maliciously.

Tips to Prevent Your Phone From Being Tracked

Once you find out that someone is trying to hack or track your phone and private information. You should take the following steps to avoid or prevent it from getting hacked again.

  • Keep Your Phone Updated
  • Avoid Installing Apps from Unknown Sources
  • Never Receive Calls From Unknown Numbers
  • Never Keep Location Feature On Everytime
  • Keep a Check on Battery Usage and Its Frequency
  • Factory Reset to Get Rid of Spy Apps

The best option with guaranteed results is clean swiping your phone. Start fresh with no spy apps looking behind your back. Factory reset will make the device as new as it came. But don’t forget to back up each account, as this will delete everything.

Why is it Vital to Track Someone Without Them Knowing It?

The apps we outlined offer the ability to spy secretly. Here are some reasons why you need to track one’s phone anonymously, without their permission:

  • You don’t want to involve any legal authority or the cellular service provider of the target phone.
  • Many people opt for secret spy services to catch their cheating spouses.
  • Parents who don’t want to let their kids indulge in harmful activities on the internet use these services. By knowing the activities and whereabouts of kids, parents can ensure their safety.


We hope our detailed guide on how to track husband/wife phone without them knowing would be enough to give you the peace of mind you need regarding your relationship. Although, it could be for any reason, including tracking them for their safety or knowing whether they are loyal to you or not.

However, in both scenarios, our list of apps and other related information to this tracking technology will greatly help. So relax back and track your partner without them knowing now!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you track someone through their phone camera?

Yes, various spy apps and software use certain elements to monitor a person’s activity through their phone camera. So you would know the whereabouts of your spouse and what they are doing in real-time.

How to stop downloading unverified apps from Android or iPhone?

You should never install apps from third-party sources as they can breach security and cause infections. There is an option in Android and iPhone devices known as play protect. This allows you only to download verified and safe apps.

However, you might have to disable this for installing tracking apps. But do not worry, as each application in our list is 100% safe to use.

How to know about spying apps by checking browser history from Chrome?

On Chrome’s site, you can access history and check your recent browsing history. If you find some unusual searches regarding spying apps or software, this means your phone has been tampered with.

Can my partner know if any tracking app is installed on her phone?

No, your partner can’t know if anyone is tracking her device. Most spy apps hide and work in the background, meaning your spouse wouldn’t be able to see the icon. However, if your partner is an IT and knows how the OS works, then she may be able to figure out what’s going on.

Does factory reset remove the spy app from the target Phone?

Yes, once your spouse runs a factory reset on the target phone, all the apps, including tracking software, will be vanished. You will have to reinstall and log in using your old credentials to start tracking the target phone.

How to track a cell phone location without installing software?

Unfortunately, it isn’t possible to track a cell phone’s location without installing spying software. The app should have to be present on the target phone physically so that it can track all the data and transfer it to your phone (server).

Is it illegal to install tracking apps on someone’s phone?

It can vary depending on the laws and regulations of certain countries. While tracking someone’s phone without their permission is considered an immoral activity, it isn’t illegal in most countries. Be sure to check out Data & Privacy laws before installing a spy app on the target phone.

Is it possible to track an iPhone from android?

Yes, it’s possible to spy an iPhone from android. However, you must get access to the target phone’s iCloud credentials. Certain apps allow you to track iPhone from android and vice versa including Localize, Geofinder, mSpy, SpyBubble, and EyeZy.

Is it essential to root or jailbreak a device to track it?

Yes, it’s vital to root or jailbreak a device in order to spy it. However, some apps doesn’t require the need to do so, meaning you just have to download and activate the app to use it.

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