How to Stay on Top of SEO Strategies in 2020

Updated October 6, 2023

SEO Strategies

Website owners with a good website ranking should do their best to maintain it and this means that they have to stay on top of Google’s algorithm updates. This is quite a challenge because it is impossible to know what Google will come up next and how its updates will affect your website. It is quite clear that algorithm updates will continue to be launched in 2020 by Google and the only way to ensure they will not affect your website is to invest in it constantly. There are various factors that impact website ranking, some more than others such as the content of a website, its design and its link popularity. Regardless of what innovations occur in search engine optimization, this will never change.

The role of a website is to generate traffic and investing in professional SEO is a must. SEO has come a long way over the past years and it is no longer limited to stuffing keywords and using spammy links to get a higher ranking. These techniques no longer work and it is impossible to use the same SEO techniques you used 10 years ago and expect to see results. SEO practices that were meant to manipulate search results have been eliminated by Google. It is imperative to update SEO practices and to see what techniques you should use to generate leads in the year to come.

What Strategies for Optimization Should Be Used in 2020?

When it comes to SEO strategies, there are various practices you should consider that will help you with your website traffic:

  • Prioritize mobile-first ranking; websites that incorporate with mobile phones and that can be accessed easily from one’s mobile will get rankings.
  • Better optimization for loading speed; Internet users do not like waiting for a page to load and they are likely to abandon a web page that does not load within a matter of minutes. Furthermore, site speed is an essential ranking factor
  • Pay more attention to local SEO; numerous people who go online search for local businesses and local SEO will help you reach your audience
  • Invest in high-quality content; According to searchenginewatch.comA website’s content is no doubt the number one factor that determines a website’s ranking by search engines. In fact, search engines are constantly developing new technologies to reward quality content on the web. The higher the quality of content on a website, the higher the website will be ranked by search engines”. This is one aspect you should not ignore if you would like to rank high in search engines. According to the same source, original content will help you obtain and maintain favorable rankings.
  • Do not forget about website’s videos and SERP rankings; videos are important because they deliver lots of information.
  • Pay attention to website link popularity; when establishing the popularity of a website, search engines use inbound links of websites on other websites.

Most people who have been affected by Google’s algorithm changes have learned the hard way that they have to prepare for these changes. The SEO strategies you intend to use in the year to come should be all about your target audience and what it expects from you. According to “Content will truly have to be written to user intent rather than just strings that a user might search,” Schwartz said. “Keyword research tools may even become less relevant with the primary dataset for content creation coming from suggested queries. In 2020, the really smart SEOs will get up from their desks to talk to customers so they can find out what their audience really wants from them.”

Intent is likely to become more important than keywords in 2020 and SEO specialists should focus on content research and on catering to the needs of the users. Google pays attention to user intent when optimizing search results. In order to focus on the intent of your customers you have to understand them, to know what they expect from your website and your business. Your website should focus on your customers. User-focused optimization will prove to be a success provided it is done right and its importance should not be ignored. How much do you know about the journey of your website’s visitors? Were they happy with what they have found on your website? Did your website cater to their needs, did it inspire trust? Are they likely to return to your website again?

How to Create Efficient SEO Techniques that Impact Your Website’s Ranking

Moving on, you should always create new, original content for your target audience. People appreciate relevant content. Content is what helps you build site authority and you should make sure it is properly optimized for your users. Create content with users in mind and not with search engines in order to improve your rankings and to create a long-lasting relationship with your target audience. E-A-T (Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness) remains a priority for Google in 2020.  According to link-building-strategies.comWhen you want to build a site, you have to focus on making it useful for the people who will visit it. This is why you have to focus on the content you will publish and how appealing it will be to the people to will read it. If you will provide useful details about an aspect they are interested in, you will surely attract more visitors with your topic.”

Last but not least, when it comes to SEO techniques to be used in 2020, we should not forget about technical SEO. Technical SEO refers mostly to site speed and page speed. There are websites that might require complete redesigns in order to improve their website’s loading speed. As you can see, there are various aspects you should keep in mind when it comes to improving your strategies for search engine optimization and each of them will impact your website’s ranking to a certain degree.

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