Understanding the Ways of How to Prevent Web Crawlers

Updated October 6, 2023

Website owners know and understand their sites well enough to know the areas that they would like to block and those they would like to give access to. Web crawlers are operated by search engines for website content indexing. Essentially, web crawlers are bots that have the ability to access information automatically from a website. What website owners need to understand is that while there are legitimate bots, there are bots they have to block because of the potential of harm they pose. In order to prevent web crawlers from accessing sections of their websites, companies need to employ the following strategies:

Web Crawlers

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Understand How Web Crawlers Work

You can only successfully prevent something if you know how it works or operates. Therefore, in order for you to develop the capacity to prevent web crawlers from accessing your website’s content, you have to know how web crawling happens. It is through this knowledge that you’re able to know what to do and what not to do. To begin with, you need to understand that web crawling is something that happens on the internet. According to the INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF ENGINEERING RESEARCH & TECHNOLOGY, indexing is part of what search engines do, and that’s why they employ web crawling tactics to know your website’s content. It is through this that a company’s content is able to appear in search results pages. With this knowledge, you’re able to determine at what point or to what extent you would want to allow web crawlers interacting with your site.

With this knowledge, you’re able to ascertain the pages where you would be comfortable with web crawlers and the ones you would not want to allow these bots. For example, it’s important to determine the pages on your site you would want to optimize for SEO and the ones you wouldn’t. Web crawling plays a vital role in a website’s SEO campaign. However, if there are sections you wouldn’t want to SEO optimize, you can go ahead and block web crawlers. Having known how web crawlers work, you’re in a better position to prevent web crawlers.

Identify the Specific Web Crawler You Intend To Block

It is also valuable to identify the particular web crawler you intend to block. For website owners to effectively block web crawlers, they should know the characteristics of what they are seeking to block. For example, if you would like to prevent a specific search engine from having automatic access to your data, it’s advisable for you to identify significant information like IP address. As long as you know the IP address that the web crawler uses to access web data, you’ll be able to prevent it.

Again, knowing the name of the bot you would like to block goes a long way to facilitate successful blocking. Thus, you should know what you want to block for you to limit access to your site. However, it is imperative to take note that the IP address of the web crawler you’re trying to block can change. The implication of this is that you might not be able to block the bot for a long time because the IP can change. For this reason, it’s advisable to continually know the characteristics of the web crawlers you intend to block.

Monitor Traffic Coming To Your Site

Monitoring the traffic getting to your website is also a viable way of learning to prevent web crawlers accessing your site. Fundamentally, you should have a good understanding of your traffic in order to tell the difference from web crawlers and other traffic. This deems it necessary for your company to evaluate the sources of traffic to your website. Your company’s website management team should be in a position to know what traffic to allow to your site and what not to.

Based on the intricate nature of bot traffic, your team should have the fundamental knowledge of knowing bots gain access to website data. Through this, it will be possible for you to prevent web crawlers from accessing your site’s information.

Check Out For Traffic Spikes

Check out for traffic spikes to effectively prevent web crawlers. This strategy carries a great deal of significance when it comes to detecting bot traffic you would want to block it from accessing your site. As you already know, bots can have negative effects on your site. With this in mind, it’s not an easy thing to monitor and identify when bots are crawling to your site. That’s why you should be keen to monitor any instances of traffic spikes for you to take the required action. This should help you to know what you’re dealing with and be sure in your execution. For example, if you identify the IP address of the web crawler you want to block, you will set up the required environment to undertake your actions.

Make Use of Effective Web Crawler Blocking Solutions

Lastly, it’s imperative for you to use effective and proven web crawling solutions when preventing web crawlers. This calls for you to work with the best in website management. There are tools and expertise required to block web crawlers in the best way possible. If you don’t have such expertise, you can work with companies that deal with such. The advantage of making use of the most effective resources in blocking web crawlers is that you will end up getting quality outcomes. You’ll be able to get maximum satisfaction from your efforts.

Website management requires the usage of appropriate tools and solutions for companies to get value for their investments. When talking about web crawlers, it’s imperative to take note that not all bots crawling to your website are necessary and helpful. For this reason, you should be highly knowledgeable on what you’re allowing access to your site. If there are pages you’ll want to block web crawlers from accessing, there are ways you can use to make this happen. The bottom-line is that you should know what you want to block and how it works, and then use proven and effective ways to stop it.

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