Technical SEO Optimization of E-Commerce Store

Updated October 6, 2023


SEO Presence

When scanning, search engines check all the parameters of the web resource. Errors that are not visible to the average user are taken into account in the ranking. Therefore, within SEO, it is necessary to clean up the technical part.

Setting up sitemap.xml and robots.txt

Two files are configured for correct indexing of the web resource:

sxml – a site map designed for robots. It replaces data about links and web pages to be indexed. Makes it easier to scan information;

txt – a text file with a set of detailed instructions for search engines. Prescribes rules for indexing certain sections/pages/directories/files.

Remove duplicates.

Due to poorly designed architecture, the publication of borrowed content, technical errors and other factors on the site there are duplicates, which are perceived by robots extremely negatively. Install extensions like local store pickup addon, so your pages will be unique. It is necessary to check the site for the presence of duplicates and eliminate the identified shortcomings, along with the reasons that provoked them.

404 error

When a user arrives at a non-existent or remote address, they see a page with a 404 error. This is the server response to an invalid request.

To such a web page is not considered a duplicate and held the visitor, it must be properly designed:

  • add a search form;
  • include links to key categories;
  • notify that no address has been entered;
  • to maintain a uniform style with the online store.
  • error 404

Loading Speed

Neither users nor search engines like to load the resource slowly. This is the main factor of return to the search output and rejection of the transition. Optimal load time is no more than 3-4 seconds. You can check the speed and get recommendations for its optimization at special services. For example, GTmetrix.


The secure HTTPS connection protocol encrypts personal data. Connection of SSL-certificate allows us to provide qualitative protection from swindlers and serves as an additional plus to rankings.

Adaptive design

Since statistics from mobile devices show that more than 50% of network users visit online stores, it is important to adapt the web pages for viewing from different screen formats. Adaptive design reduces the percentage of bounces, interrupted transactions and has a positive impact on behavioral factors. Improvements in these indicators are taken into account when ranking.

Page Optimization

Next, you should start optimizing valuable web pages. For an online store these are mainly product cards and product category pages.

The formation of search engine rankings is influenced:

  • headers;
  • description;
  • meta-tags;

HTML tags display structured page metadata and tell search engines its name and content. This is the base that forms the snippet in search results.

You can create tags manually or automatically using the CMS functionality. Title – header in the browser (60-70 characters). Description – a brief description (160 characters). Meta tags characterize the page, include keywords and are not repeated. These factors are significant in the ranking.

You should also work on the format of links. Parameters of the correct URL:

  • short – no more than 50-60 characters;
  • similar to the page name;
  • easy to read;
  • contains keywords.

For optimal ranking, you need to make extensive product descriptions with keywords that give Google a more efficient web page experience. Online stores with voluminous catalogues should focus on the most popular items. The longer and more detailed the product descriptions, the more accurate the search engine ranks the page.

External optimization

In the opinion of search engines, a resource is considered more reliable and of better quality if it is referred to by others. A large number of such links increases the credibility of the online store. Consequently, the entrepreneur should increase the external reference mass. However, it is more appropriate to bet not on quantity, but on quality.

Optimal are links to the thematic sites with high attendance. They are received in different ways:

  • they are bought on special exchanges;
  • negotiate directly with the owners of web resources;
  • naturally, thanks to quality content;
  • use crowd-marketing technology (posting comments of recommendatory character).

In order to increase the reference mass, it is necessary to develop a thorough strategy, analyze competitors. Buying links are often sanctioned by search engines.

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