Role of SEO Link Building in Digital Marketing

Updated October 6, 2023

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The Internet has created an incredibly vast environment for marketing, taking it to a whole level. The possibilities for prospective users, as well as veterans, are practically endless. But in order to get an edge over the enormous number of competitors, you need to understand how to use its tools to the max. One of these is building high-quality links for SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

Knowing how to build links is a key element in enhancing your SEO marketing capacity. It is an effective strategy for grabbing potential business and staying ahead of the game. But in order to make the best use of it, you must first understand what it’s all about.

Link building refers to the process that allows you to get other websites to link back to yours. This is done by applying hyperlinks gotten from other websites to yours. This process allows search engines to navigate between the pages on your website. It also helps internet users to navigate between various pages online.

A typical link is made up of four major parts;

  • The anchor, which alerts the search engine of a link that can be followed. It opens the link and is identified by an ‘a’,
  • The referral location, which tells where the link leads to. It is identified with an ‘href’ or ‘#’ if the location is a page section,
  • A visible text, which displays a small part of the text that can be seen on the page. It is often blue, underlined and can be clicked on. The Visible Text plays an major role which works as keyword to rank up in the search engines based on number of quantity along with overall quality of site as well as content associated with it.
  • The closure, which indicates to the search engines that the link is complete.

Link building plays a major role in SEO marketing. It provides many advantages that benefit digital marketers and business. Some of these include the following;

It increases your SEO ranking. The referral traffic generated from high-quality sites bolsters your site’s authority. This way, your website quickly rises on search result ranking, making it easily visible to users.

It also helps you build and foster long-term relationships with other businesses. With it, you can relay information and activities about your business with others. This creates a mutual network of connections between your website and numerous others. Your traffic is also boosted when you build quality links, especially with sites that are frequently visited.

Link building also promotes your brand, especially when you build links to sites with relevant material. It tells customers how much of an expert in that field your brand is, as well as how high in quality your services and goods are. This increases sales and encourages referral traffic to your business.

The key technique for practicing quality link building is to make sure your website has valuable information worth linking to. Build links that connect your site to specialized information and resources. You can also create blogs that contain information relevant to your website content, and link to them as well.


With the constant in-flow of users to the Internet, the market is getting even more enormous. Understanding why a key strategy like SEO link building can be the Trump card you need to stay on top of everyone else at every turn.

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