How to Increase The Number of People Who View Your Instagram Videos

Updated October 6, 2023

Increase No of Video Views

Instagram has become a lucrative platform for many influencers, allowing some to make a living off the platform itself by posting great content and gaining sponsorships and Patreon supporters.

If you’re looking to gain some success on Instagram, the first place to start is at your view count. You’ll want to increase the number of people viewing your content, including your Instagram videos. Videos are an awesome way to gain viewers’ attention, and once you start using Instagram video, you’ll be hooked!

Here’s how to increase the number of people who view your Instagram videos.

Genuine and Consistent Content

The first and most important rule of content creation on any platform is to be genuine and consistent with your content. Genuine means remaining true to yourself; to your vision, your ideas, and your personality. With so many people on Instagram, it’s all too easy to get caught in the trap of “I wish I were like that creator” or “I’ll never be as good as them”. But you will, and you are. Everyone’s ideas are valid and unique to their personality. Stay true to you.

The second part of the rule is consistency. You must come up with a posting schedule in order to maximize your views. When your viewers know when you’re going to post content, they’re much more likely to tune in. Have you ever followed a creator that didn’t post consistently? It probably became a little frustrating to try to keep up with their content.

When you remain genuine and consistent, you’ll notice an influx of loyal followers. People crave genuine creators in a world of filters, alterations, and editing. Stay true to you, and people will respect you and want to view your content!

You Must Have A Niche

It can be tempting to post videos on all kinds of topics, but for maximum success on any online platform, you’ll need to find a niche and stay there; become the expert, so to speak. Since content is organized by topic, your videos and your page will be much easier to find when you’re specific and intentional with it.

If you’re posting makeup videos, try to be a bit more specific. Are you doing everyday looks or more flamboyant makeup styles? If you’re posting cooking videos, try to choose an aspect or discipline of cooking to focus on. The more focused your content is, the better.

Use Your Hashtags Properly

Hashtags are the lifeblood of Instagram. They’re essentially the roadmaps to specific content. Using the right hashtags for your videos will help drive new viewers to them and help potential followers locate your content. Using too many or improper hashtags will prevent people from finding your content effectively.

Some tips on hashtags:

  • Keep them short and specific
  • Don’t use more than 7-10 per post
  • Create branded hashtags for your specific content
  • Research keywords to create better hashtags

Once you’ve done a bit of research, you’ll find that creating hashtags is really just about finding the right words to use to relate your content to specific searches. With a little bit of practice and determination, you can become a master of hashtags in no time and watch those video views soar!

Optimize Those Video Descriptions

Those keywords fit not only into your hashtags, but also into your video descriptions as well. The keywords you choose will help your content show up quicker in Google and other search engine results. For example, if your description is optimized for keywords like health or beauty, you’ll be more relevant when someone searches those terms.

Optimization also helps people on the platform itself locate your content. The better optimized your content is, the more visible it will be. Spend some time optimizing posts, and you’ll definitely see an increase in views, visits, and follows.

Post At Peak Times

Did you know that every social media site has peak times when the most users are online? This is the best time to post your videos, as it means your content has the potential to be viewed by more people than any other point during the day. What’s Instagram’s peak time? While studies differ, it would seem that Mondays, Wednesdays, and Saturdays seem to be peak Instagram days.

Posting in the evening is common practice, though some content creators post first thing in the morning to catch the pre-work crowd. When you post isn’t quite as important as consistency, though.

The Bottom Line

Increasing your views is as simple as optimizing your posts, hashtags, and being true and consistent with your content. Remember that people appreciate genuine content, and expect a consistent upload schedule so they know when to watch your videos. Don’t ignore your hashtags! They’re the roadmap to your videos and your page!

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