8 Quick & Easy Instagram Story Ideas for Marketing

Updated October 6, 2023

Instagram Story is the best place to engage followers, introduce new products, and increase your brand’s awareness. More than 500 million users watch Instagram Stories daily for their needs and sometimes spreading business. So you must use the feature of social media which helps you to earn a lot of money.

In this article some creative Instagram Story ideas are shared which will help you to create well-developed content as well as Instagram followers and increase following on Instagram.

There are so many examples of brands and businesses which find success with Instagram Stories. According to Instagram statistics, 96 percent of marketers in the U.S. using their Stories on behalf of businesses to spread worldwide by increasing following on Instagram.

There are some ideas for creating quick and easy Instagram Stories are mentioned below:

Improve Your Instagram Game

1. Promote brand blog posts

Instagram Story for promoting blog’s latest article for your brand. By collaborating with the “Swipe Up” feature, you can send users directly to post instead of sending a link in your bio. This generates a lead for the brand definitely and creates traffic for blog posts. Thus you can increase your following on Instagram.

The Swipe Up feature is currently available for business accounts only with more than 10,000 followers.

You must introduce business in thereby providing the answer of questions such as:

  • What type of product you offer.
  • What is the new viewpoint of your product to attract people?
  • What are your following love to see?

Instagram Stories will help your followers to understand your business.

2. Create a regular Story series

Always try to share a regular series of videos on Instagram Stories weekly, which is a nice way to increase following on Instagram.

Sharing Stories regularly helps your brand to maintain followers. There are a few ideas for making attractive stories:

  • Highlight different types of customers each week to make the different perspectives of your brand.
  • Share ideas of the benefit of different product
  • Share weekly deals
  • Open a weekly Q&A and feedback session
  • Share Motivation quote and Tips

3. Highlight Your Customers

Highlighting your customers is the best way to make them feel special, earn engagement, and increase their following on Instagram. This story idea inspires the customers to tag you to become featured for your product and featured customers will share your Stories with their followers.

For doing this, visit your profile and tap the “Story Highlights” button which is below of your username and bio. Then, select the Stories that you want to highlight. Select a cover photo for your Highlight, with title, and finally tap on “Done” or “Add.”

4. Behind the Scenes

Give your followers a chance to look behind the scenes of your business like your workspace, production, or how you run your brand. There are some ideas for a behind-the-scenes concept such as:

  • Show Your Personality behind cameras.
  • Show your Daily Life activities.
  • Make updates for ongoing Projects and processes of working.
  • Show your failures and struggles.
  • Show your Interests and Hobbies which create followers.
  • Show photos of the inside Look of your team.

5. Polls

One of the most interesting features of Instagram Stories is the ‘Poll’ sticker. Your polls can create highlights and fun and approach serious market research. It also gives you a clear idea about your followers.

You can also go for the multiple-choice question. For asking a multiple-choice question on Instagram Stories, add the Quiz sticker from the sticker tray, and input your question and answers in there. Then, select the correct answer and share it in the Story.

6. FAQ and Educational Content

Besides all the entertainment and fun, other educational content must provide some tips, tricks, and advice related to your business for Instagram followers.

You must put FAQ like “how long shipping takes”, or “why material is the best for making this” which have some tips according to the current season.

7. Reviews

Social proof and reviews are the best ways to make leads and participate in conversions. There are some ways by which you can show reviews to the customers:

  • Link reviews page with the Instagram profile.
  • Show screenshots of reviews in Instagram stories.
  • Make reviews Highlight in Instagram stories.
  • Make interesting graphics with your reviews in Instagram stories.
  • Make a request story of review on Instagram from your customers.

8. Shoutouts

A shout-out about your followers in your story leads them to know why you love their page. As your followers see your story for promoting their page they automatically follow you and increase engagement. The influencer or business person may share the post or story with their community.


These Instagram Story ideas and features give you enough for starting a content calendar. Always remember that your followers always sneak peek on Instagram Stories for the coming plan. Small templates, brand ambassadors, influencers, followings in your story helps to increase your brand and followers.

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