Helpful Tips On How To Get More Viewers For Live Streaming On Instagram

Updated October 6, 2023

Instagram has a big variety of content formats that help bloggers and businesses to engage their audience more effectively. Practically all people know how successful Stories are, and less of them realize how much benefits they can get from Instagram live streaming. This feature can become one of your best tools for promotion and establishing a connection with your audience. Video stream can be a good motivation for IG Live viewers to buy and use your products, or visit your profile more often, getting attached to your content. How to attract and retain more viewers on your live streams on IG, you will discover in this article.

Live Streaming on Instagram

Announce It

To get more views for your Instagram live – announce it on your profile sometime before the event. About a week before the stream is quite ok. Remind your potential spectators that the event is coming up, so they can squeeze your content into their schedules. One of the best methods to promote the upcoming stream on Instagram would be posting Stories, using a countdown sticker if you please. Make sure you have it all prepared on time, so the next time you could attract more users. People love when the events happen on time, so being punctual and strict with your schedule is a must if you want to drive the attention of more people and ensure they come again for the next stream.

Create The Buzz

Create the Buzz Instagram

Another aspect of work that you have to do before your stream actually starts is heating the interest of the public. Your goal is to trigger something that will resonate with the thoughts of your audience – choose a trendy and hot theme that is one of the most popular within the industry, or concerns society in general. Thus they will check out your stream to share their opinions and see what you have to say about the theme. You can reveal the topic clearly, or fire the intrigue up, playing mind games with your followers.

Ask People

Well, enough said in the name of this paragraph. Question your followers – what topic they consider enjoyable to discuss in the form of a live stream on Instagram. You will get more viewers by giving users what they really want. Also, having this conversation is another method to engage the audience, which would be a good addition to your rating. You can easily gather the information with stories: set up a questionnaire, or test format sticker.

The alternative way to engage with people is to offer them a limited range of topics to choose from. This method will work great for beginners because you can limit the choice of the subjects that you are feeling confident to talk about. And being self-confident is extremely important for live streaming, so…

Train Before The Launch

Although streaming is all about casual real-time talk with the audience, it will be good if you train a little before you go live on Instagram. Training helps you to understand how you look and how people will see you. And not all people can be charming and witty in pure improvisation. Even the most skilled orators use notes and train before their speech, so they will feel secure when the stream begins.

  • Choose the location of the stream previously, so you can test how to reach the best light position for your Live.
  • Record your first rehearsals so you can find the weak points
  • Train your speech so you sound clear and professional in your videos.

Create A Script

Again, not everybody can be cool at improvisation, so it will be nice if you come up with a small scenery that will allow you not to lose the point of your stream. Divide your plan into parts:

  • Introduction
  • The body
  • Conclusion
  • Questions and discussion

Leave the most time for the body and questions, making sure that your viewers have got enough time for relaxed conversation. Especially pay attention to the pause before question block: accumulate some comments before you start answering. Another reason to create some notes for your stream is that with them you can control how your live goes and steer it in the right direction on time.


Attract new eyes to your profile as you invite guests to your stream. This can happen as a classic interview when your guest meets you in real life and you film it, or you can use the option of split-screen. A very important thing to do is to tag the influencer or expert you are co-working with, so their public finds your stream too (if you tag other users, their subscribers will get the notification about the participation in some stream). Besides, having someone to talk to makes the stream more dynamic and professional, and you may occasionally find some ideas to use in your conversation.

Be Tight On Schedule

If you really want to grow the viewership on your Instagram live streams – set a date for them. For example, it can be a weekly event, or once in two weeks, etc. no less significant is that you release your streams at the same time. With time, your audience will adjust to the existing schedule and gradually your viewership will increase, as more and more people will find time to watch your lives. Try to correlate your streams with the time when your audience is the most active online, so you can be sure that they have some to spend. Remember that as you begin, your subscribers receive a push notification about it, and the Live icon appears right at the beginning of the Stories line. All that is effective when users are ready to spend some time dwelling online.

Provide Exclusiveness And Value


Provide Exclusiveness And Value Instagram

To gain the interest of your audience you have to provide something valuable to them because the times when the feature was new and experimental are gone. People today are quite demanding for the content quality, and they don’t want to waste their time on something that will give nothing useful or interesting as a result. That’s why you need to promote your stream at least for a week before the date: that’s how you will announce to people what they are going to get if they watch it. Also, gathering the opinions from your followers will help you to define what they think is important and interesting to discuss.

Pay Attention To The Comments

People have the possibility to comment on your stream. It happens as you go, and the comments roll dynamically. Pay attention to what users are writing about and try to react quickly. In case if you feel you are not ready to answer the questions as you go, tell your viewers that you will gladly reply to all the questions at the end of your stream or indirect messages.

Note: any business queries should be discussed privately, because the live stream isn’t the best form of such talk, obviously.

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