13 Best Discord Music Bots in 2024 – [Working Bots]

Updated December 23, 2023

Discord music bots are the perfect way to replay or play any song from Youtube or any other music site like Spotify directly in your channel. If you rely on Discord regularly, you are aware of how tedious the channel can become at times. With everybody exhausted and nothing thrilling on the horizon, some music may be required to break the awkward silence.

So, we need some bots to jazz up our lives. Discord music bots serve that purpose. But amongst those hundreds of discord music bots available on the internet it is a difficult task to elect one which suits your taste.

However, with dozens of Discord music bots accessible on the internet, choosing the right one can be difficult, particularly given that the majority of them are banned over time.

Fortunately, we dug deep into the internet to discover the best Discord music bots that will still work. Not only do these bots play the appropriate music for the occasion, but some of them even help you manage your network. We will expose you to some of the best music bots for Discord that are still working. Let us go over them without any delay.

What exactly are Discord Music bots?

Discord bots are third-party offerings that connect to your server. These programs can be used for moderation and automation tasks such as playing entertaining mini-games and banning rule breakers.

Discord music bots will enter your audio channel and play whatever music you specify.

Here we have made the list of best music bots for Discord to help you choose the best music bot.

1. Chip Bot


Best Discord Music Bot ChipBot

Chip Bot is the first music bot you are going to review here. It allows you to pause, resume, skip and even stop unwanted audio. You can also monitor the song sequence using this Bot.

Aside from that, the following information features make Chip a truly desirable option as one of the best music bots for Discord. It is one of the most loved music bots worldwide.

Chip’s primary attributes

  • There is a command “ch!help” in the bot which you may need.
  • Twenty-four hours a day playback is available for music lovers. The audio effect is also a feature of Chip.

2. LunaBot

LunaBot for Discord

LunaBot is another amazing Discord music bot on our list which is available on the internet.

LunaBot supports every music streaming service you can conceive of.

English and Arabic are supported on LunaBot. It doesn’t ask for a mastermind to operate it but does provide excellent audio quality with the maximum features a user is looking for.


  • Various sources of popular music are supported.
  • Maximum audio quality is provided for the user
  • It doesn’t consume all of your data.

3. Rythm


Rythm Discord Bot

Consider the following choice as one of the finest Discord music bots. If you want to circulate your music with others, Rythm is a feasible option for you. This tool’s simple three-step procedure enables you to get the most out of the bot with ease. Some of Rhythm’s best characteristics are listed below.

Rhythm’s Characteristics

  • The user experience is quite appealing.
  • Discord broadcasting is supported with no crashes.
  • You can distribute the audio to others.
  • Receives frequent and consistent updates

4. ChillBot


Are you a chilled-out music lover? If yes, then you will undoubtedly appreciate ChillBot. This bot makes you love it.

Also, some features of ChillBot are given below to help you analyze the music bot.

ChillBot’s characteristics

  • Simple user-friendly instructions are given to control the bot
  • You feel like you are listening to a radio.

5. Zandercraft


Zandercraft is one of the finest music bots, which can be used in place of Rhythm. It provides high-quality audio.

Furthermore, the following are some of the most thrilling Zandercraft characteristics.

Zandercraft’s main characteristics

  • You can listen to your favourite tracks and can add them to the playlist.
  • You can search for music and can listen to it on repeat.

6. ChampBot



ChampBot allows you to see a full list of users in terms of their engagement. You can play various mini-games using this Discord music bot. You can find out the last used characters. Any song you search for can be played immediately. ChampBot is a multipurpose bot used worldwide.


  • Provides weather updates.
  • The bot makes a list of users based on their activities.

7. Jockie Music

Jockie Music Bot

The next music bot compatible with Disord is none other than Jockie Music. It is one of the best Music bots for Discord which is still available on the internet. Jockie music bot is famous for its features. It allows access to Audio channels anytime round the clock. Jockie Music is available on many streaming platforms which makes it interesting to use.

Jockie Music’s main characteristics

  • Access to audio channels anytime whether the system is active or not.
  • Various audio effects are available.
  • Multiple music-listening sessions are possible.

8. MEE6

Mee6 Discord Bot

Mee6 follows on this list of the top music bots for Discord. Mee6 is a popular option for over fourteen million servers using music bots all over the world. It offers various emoticons to level up your commands.

When it comes to benefits, you should not overlook the following.

Mee6’s key features include:

  • It always notifies you whenever there is new content available on YouTube. Rewards for high levels are also available.
  • You can reorder songs according to your preference.

9. FredBoat

FredBoat Music Bot Discord

FredBoat is a zero configuration bot which is one of the best Discord music bot. It can stream high quality music from YouTube, Twitch, Sound Cloud, Bandcamp, Spotify and other services. FredBoat also does not require the use of links. Simply enter the name of the music you want to listen to and FredBoat will play it for you.


  • FredBoat also enables you to make playlists,
  • The sound quality of FredBoat makes it one of the best Music bots for Discord, allowing you to effortlessly listen to high-quality songs as long as you have a stable internet link.
  • High-Quality audio
  • Find any song.
  • Playlist Support is a key feature offered by FredBoat.

10. Aiode

Aiode Music Bot

Aiode, is open source and previous known as Botify, is one of the finest Discord music bots for streaming Spotify songs. The bot  for discord can immediately look for and play songs on Spotify. It also works with other audio services like SoundCloud and YouTube.

Discord audio bot Aiode

Aiode lets you make unique playlists from Soundcoud, Spotify and YouTube. You can also customize this bot to invoke instructions with Aiode. Aiode also allows you to play Twitch streams immediately in your voice channel if you want to watch Twitch streams with your friends. Aiode is one of the best Discord music bots because it is entirely free.


  • Playlists for Multiple Platforms are available
  • You can watch Twitch for free

11. Hydra

Hydra Music Bot

Hydra is a fantastic Discord audio bot that does a lot more than just play music. Hydra gets its music from various streaming platforms.

Hydra allows you to make playlists. You can listen to music on a loop. Any favourite song you search for can be played immediately.

Hydra is a Discord audio bot. You can also ban annoying members and select the DJ. All of these functions are included in the free version. Hydra also offers a premium version with extraordinary features. Hydra is one of the finest Discord music bots you can add to your server due to its abundance of features in the free version.


  • Music from various sources
  • You can listen to songs on a loop
  • Moderation Commands are available

12. ErisBot


ErisBot is a powerful discord music bot which is still working and not yet banned. It is a user-friendly bot which offers a wide variety of instructions for the users to make it easy to use. ErisBot has several unique features, including the ability to create and use your custom prefix for directions, which most other Discord music bots lack.

13. Vexera

Vexera Bot

Vexera is yet another Discord Music Bot that can serenade your Discord conversation buddies with your favourite music. It delivers an unrivalled lag-free audio-hearing experience. Its music provider is YouTube. So don’t worry, everything would be trending. You can quickly look for the songs you want to listen to and control music playback. In addition to music, it also welcomes new users.


Now that you’ve gone through the list of 13 best Discord music bots, it’s time to elect the best one for you. It all depends on your taste and what kind of bot you want. If you’re looking for music bots to spice up your Discord server, this list is a wonderful place to start!

FAQs for Discord Music Bots

1. How do you add discord music bots to my server?

  • Go to the Discord music bot website.
  • Click on the option “Add to Discord.” and wait for the next options to appear.
  • Log in with your Discord account.
  • Next, you have to choose the server to which you want to add the bot.
  • Accept all the permissions required.
  • Enjoy the services.

2. Can I customize the settings of my Discord music bot?

Yes, most of the Discord Music Bots allows you customize settings according to your requirements. For example Volume, Equalizer, Playback Speed etc.

3. Can Discord music bot be played in multiple voice channels at the same time?

No, it is not possible. You can only use Discord Music Bot at one channel at a time. To use on another channel you have to logout from the existing channel.

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