4 Vital Point for Make Creative Instagram Contest Ideas to Apply

Updated October 6, 2023

In the first place, the biggest reason why Instagram business accounts are used for marketing in companies and stores is that the number of consumers who use Instagram daily is increasing. Currently, Instagram is supported by a vast number of people, with 1 billion people worldwide.

Until now, there has been a tendency for many companies and stores to use Facebook and Twitter for SNS marketing. However, as the number of Instagram users has gradually increased, attention has increased, and more and more people are using Instagram for marketing. To utilize these great opportunities, the article will introduce some creative Instagram contest ideas to apply.

1. Raise user awareness:

The difference between SNS and advertising and other media is that users are independent. In the beginning, projects that users experience and participate in intending to be preferred in Instagram campaigns.

Therefore, if you plan a campaign that raises the sense of ownership, such as “the video you posted will be selected in the photo contest” and “the design you posted will actually be commercialized,” the number of applicants will increase. To get more users, you can check this Instagram shop.

2. Hashtag search and chill posts:

Instagram is currently actively used by all users, not just young women, as a “place to get the information they need to live.” As the word “searching for hashtags” = “tagging” becomes more common, many people use proper noun hashtags such as store names/brand names to check the latest information and refer to photos and word-of-mouth.

Originally used mainly by young women, there was a demand for content that conveys an extraordinary “longing” worldview, as represented by words such as “Instagrammer” and “Instagram.” Now that it has become widespread and widely used by the user base, you can obtain more information necessary for daily life. There is a demand for “realistic and everyday” content.

3. Your content should be clean and eye-catching:

Keep in mind that you are competing for the attention of all millennials who are not willing to give you for more than a few seconds. Unlike Facebook and Twitter, the written content and action-inspiring phrases are below the image. That is, if the appearance is unattractive, it is completely ignored. You can avoid this pitfall by creating an ad with text in the picture.

Instagram allows you to place as much text as you need on your image, unlike Facebook, where your image isn’t approved or doesn’t show up if you have too much text. Test the sample image, which is a behavioral phrase, to see how the viewer reacts. However, this method does not always work, and action-prompting phrases should highlight the added value clicked by the target user.

4. Easy to apply:

No matter how attractive a campaign is planned, complicated application methods can be stressful for users and lead to many withdrawals.

According to a survey on the campaign, about 60% of users in the past “wanted a winning prize but have quit the application,” and the most common reason was “it was troublesome to fill out the application form.” It was “I did not meet the application conditions.” To increase the number of applicants, “optimization of application form” and “appropriate application conditions” will be important in addition to thinking about attractive projects.

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