How to Call Someone From Different Phone Number – 2024 Tested

Updated December 26, 2023

Have you ever hoped that you could pretend to be someone else when you phone someone? Perhaps your goal is to pull a prank on the friend or wow a potential employer with your meticulous attention to detail.

Fortunately, as long as you adhere to these six guidelines and void spam calls, you can call from whatever number you like! In this article we have compiled a list of best techniques to call someone from a different number. 

4 Ways to Call Someone from a Different Number.

1. Utilizing ‎VIOP Numbers

You can make phone calls from your PC utilizing an internet connection while making use of voice over Internet protocol (IP) providers like Skype and other providers. If you would like to keep the phone number hidden or if you wish to cut costs on long-distance calls, this can be helpful.

To have a conversation on the call, you will require a headset having a microphone, but there are workarounds available.

In reality, you can set up VoIP on the smartphone cost free with just Google Chrome and Wi-Fi by following one of the many online tutorials available. When it is about this type of communication, the alternatives are virtually endless.

Try one of these techniques right now! -Skype: The only need for registration is a legitimate email address.

Additionally, as it relies on an internet connection instead of the cellular coverage, your call quality will stay strong even in isolated locations with low reception (provided you have some form of access).

How to Call from VOIP Numbers?

How to call someone from different phone number

Step 1: Download any of the following Voip applications on your phone.

For Android Phone, serach for any of the following apps.

  • MizuDroid SIP VoIP Softphone
  • Skype
  • Signal Private Messenger
  • Viber
  • Zoiper IAX SIP VoIP Softphone

For iPhone, download any of the following apps.

  • Skype
  • Fring
  • iCall
  • TruPhone
  • magicApp

Step 2: Verify your accounts with temporary phone numbers.

For the above apps if you are required to verify your phone number, you can use fake numbers. The following sites can be used to obtained a fake number and verify your account.


Step 3: After your app is successfully installed and verified, you can start calling to any number while hiding your original phone numbers.

2. Forward Calls

There are several options if you wish to alter your caller ID so that the person you called is not able to see the actual number but instead sees a different number as you contact them. You can make calls using an application on your smartphone or PC by using a VoIP provider.

A calling card, which is another option, is something you can get from most convenience stores. Another option is to use web-based services like Google Voice or Skype. These services are all similar in how they operate.

All of the incoming calls still records in the old phone line, even though they are routed to a new phone number they give you, this is the number the other individual on the other end sees instead of your actual number. By configuring call forwarding on the home phone, you may forward all of your calls to a separate number.

For Android use the following Forwarding Apps

For iPhone the following apps can forward your calls

Use any of the apps above, you hide your original phone number while making and receiving calls.

3. Use Fake Caller ID

There are many apps available that let you fake your caller ID. You just have to install the app and fake your caller ID to frank your friends or call without revealing your original phone number.

Trace Bust: Phone Id Caller

This app not just fake your caller ID but allows you to record calls, call internationally with privacy. The app is available for both Android and iPhone Users.

Call from Another Phone Number
Fake Call, Prank Call App

As known from its name, it is used to frank your friends or family members by hiding your phone number. You can make calls using fake caller ID to hide your identity.

Fake Caller ID

Caller ID spoofing is the same as faking caller ID. Using SpoofTel, you can change your Caller ID while making a phone call. The quality of the call is good and you can experience clear voice. Signup for the free trail and try it yourself.

SpoofTel Fake Caller ID

An additional fantastic choice is Phone Cop (not available anymore) which is compatible with both Android or iOS. Given all the enjoyable things you may do with it, it costs around$2.99 which is really reasonable.

With this software, you can make your own fictitious identities and phone numbers, send texts, and more—it’s really flexible and provides a lot of utility for the price you pay.

This software has a wider range of functions than the others, and it is also more reasonably priced than other comparable ones now available on the market. One piece of advice while using these kinds of apps: Watch how much information you give the customer service agent.

4. Using Google Voice

Google Voice Call from another phone number

Because it is free and simple to use, Google Voice is an excellent option for calling from a different number. Additionally, you are free to select any number, allowing you to completely fool your pals! This is how:

  • Online account creation for Google Voice.
  • Select the desired phone number.
  • Connect your mobile device to the Google Voice account.

begin placing calls! Outgoing calls are displayed on the Google Voice dashboard, while incoming calls are routed to voicemail and are completely hidden from view. Voicemails are converted into text messages that you may read online or hear on the app.


These are some of the methods that you can use to get the job done. Hope you liked the article and found it helpful in calling your friend or anyone in general while keeping your original number hidden.

If you have received a similar call where the identity of the person is hidden, you can try finding the person using number and from the number you can find the address as well.

How do I make call from another phone?

To make calls from another phone, you can use several methods including using third party apps and google voice serivce.

Can I get calls on another phone?

Yes, it is possible to receive calls on a different phone number instead of your personal. To do so, you have to use a VoIP Calling device or third party app.

Is it legal to call someone from a hidden number?

Making your phone number hidden while calling is not illegal but pretending to be someone or making the call with malicious intention is illegal.

Can my phone number be changed?

A lot of VoIP service providers, including RingCentral, offer the option of getting a unique phone number. Choosing the type of personalized calling number, you like is the very first step you must take before you actually purchase a phone number.

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