Top Tweaks for Windows Phone 8

Updated October 6, 2023

Windows phone 8 is fully loaded with lots of features. Since it is not possible to review each and every feature in detail, let’s try and understand some of them in depth. To begin with, you cannot miss the titles in this model. It is a very evident and attractive feature. You have the option to choose from three different title sizes. The small sized titles are very much similar to the folders that you find in a computer. When similar applications are collected together, they will bear a striking resemblance to the folders.

Additionally you can get rid of the empty space that is normally present to the right side of home screens. This is the way normal phones appear and having such space can be irritating at times. Now with colors, they are a better way to customize your phone. So, your windows phone screen can be altered according to your own personal choice. The most updated model will have this facility. However, we are not sure what else can be altered with this model. It is up to Microsoft to decide what can be included.  Some of the applications of Windows phone 8 will not work well with the most recent “Legacy” phones.

According to Microsoft, this particular model was designed with the sole purpose of letting every application that is already present in the market place to function efficiently on all Windows phone 8 gadgets. It will also concentrate on its developing partners and work hard to produce certain versions of apps that will make the maximum use of the latest enhancements that are already a part of Windows phone 8.

Even though we are not sure whether phones require so much cash, this particular model is all game for it. Microsoft has also stated that Windows Phone 8 gadgets will definitely be capable of performing multitasking. There is no in depth information about the type of multitasks it is capable of. To be honest, each one of us has a different perspective on multitasking. What is multitasking according to one person may not be what others think. So let’s pause this concept for a while.

In addition, there are so many other enhancements that are worth mentioning. One of the weirdest features being the arch type keyboard. We can think of it as the latest version of T9 texting. This was considered common some time back. It is also expected that Windows Phone 8 can store huge chunks of data than any other model.

Microsoft also revealed the hard ware partners for this model.  Huawei, HTC, Nokia and Samsung are the list of partners. Some of the reports say that Lenovo is also very much interested in manufacturing and marketing. Windows Phone 8, However, there seem to be certain issues. One of them is that Lenovo is waiting for Microsoft to allow it to tweak the device.

As of now, Nokia is the only partner that is qualified enough to make alterations to Windows phone 8 device. You will certainly find multi-core processor support with this model. Let’s hope that it uses the processing power to the core. The older dual-core models never made the maximum use of the second core. Whatever said and done, the users are going to love this model for sure.

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