How to Spam a Phone Number? – Easy Methods 2024

Updated December 23, 2023

Spamming is something really annoying, as unwanted calls can disturb you throughout. And no matter how many numbers you block, you may end up getting a spam call every few days. In this article I will show you how to spam a phone number so that you can learn and protect your self from similar spam.

It’s because there are several easy ways that can lead to spamming of the numbers. However, it’s simpler to get rid of this just by implementing the right method out of many.

With that said, let’s discuss some common ways on how to spam a phone number along with tried methods to prevent this occurrence.

Disclaimer: This article is for educational purpose. Spamming is illegal in most states. In USA CAN-Spam Act can cause you penalties upto $16000 per violation. Follow this article only to protect your self from the different type of Phone Spamming.

How to Spam a Phone Number? Some Common Ways

How to Spam a Phone Number

Some common mobile phone spamming methods include:

1. Dialing 800, 888, or 900

Depending on your area, calling 800, 888, or 900 can be the easiest way to spam a phone. Doing so prompts an auto number identification system to register the number instantly.

It then gives telemarketers access to the contact details, and from there, starts a chain of spam calls. The marketers basically use your number to search your other related details, like name, email, address, etc., to create your profile.

Once it’s created, the information is used to make targeted calls to your phone number through which they try to sell you their products and services.

2. Using Prank Call Websites

The Internet is filled with websites that can be used to prank someone by bombarding dozens of texts or calls on their number. While these sites are primarily for some lighthearted fun, many individuals use them for spamming contact numbers as well.

Let’s briefly discuss a few such prank sites you may find online.


It’s one of the few websites allowing phone calls to other numbers without revealing your identity. In fact, it offers an alternate contact number to do this, so the receiver does not know who’s the one bothering them.

From a range of amusing phone calls to some added odd facts, this website features several spam options.


Blow Up My Phone

Just like its name, this website surely holds the potential to spam a phone number with a huge amount of text messages. Moreover, the messages are sent from different numbers, confusing the victim as they start blocking them.

There are pre-written messages that one can spam through or even write some by themselves. Once activated, the attack goes on for almost a day, with no way to stop it.


Text Me Now

Another spam application on this list,, lets people send free text messages to phone numbers with any area code. Moreover, it does not reveal the identity of the sender to the recipient, so the victim will never know who’s trying to spam their phone.

The website’s homepage displays a form which requires the spammer to enter a few details like the victim’s phone number, location, and custom text message they want to send. Proceeding further will instantly send the message, and they can do it as many times as they want.

6. Autosender App

autosender app

This app can help iOS users spam any desired phone number with hundreds of text messages at once. It just needs the user to select a specific time, and the system will do the rest of the job.

Autosender is not available free of cost, but it charges a lot less than other apps offering similar features. It even allows spam scheduling, where users can set a specific time to send picturized and text messages to the victim.

Moreover, there are no restrictions on the length of the messages one wants to send.

7. Posting Online Ads

Posting Online Ads

This is another notorious trick that spammers may implement to bother the target. All they do is post on different marketplaces or social media platforms about selling a product.

The item’s price is put as extremely budget-friendly, so more people are drawn to make a purchase. And in that post, they attach the victim’s contact number. So people start calling them with the intention of purchasing, and the person is clueless since he hasn’t posted any such ad.

A few platforms that spammers use commonly for this purpose include eBay, Oodle, Locanto, Craigslist, Facebook, etc.

8. Using Survey Forms and Free Trial Registrations

Besides dialing a particular code, there are several other ways that may give telemarketers access to your contact number so they continue their marketing. These include:

  • Gambling platforms
  • Gift vouchers
  • Free trials
  • Sales
  • Vacation offers

Listing your number of any such services can increase the risk of unwanted calls, as they act as an open invitation to marketers.

How to Avoid Spam Calls on the Phone?

Since there are several free and paid ways to spam a phone number, you may become a victim of this notorious act. Fortunately, it’s easier to avoid spam calls and text messages by following a few simple methods.

Let’s overview each of them so that next time when you are bombarded with calls, you know how to tackle the issue instead of panicking.

1. Block the Number

Block the Number

If you are receiving calls and text messages from one particular number, simply block it. Every phone has an option that allows this to prevent spam. Here are the steps you can follow to block the number:

  • Launch the Phone app on your device and visit the call history.
  • Navigate to the spam number and long-press it to reveal a drop-down menu.
  • From there, select Block Number/Report Spam.
  • A window will appear to ask for confirmation in which you can also select whether you want that number reported as spam or not.

2. Activate Caller ID and Spam on your Phone

Activate Caller ID and Spam on your Phone

Almost all mobile phones, including iOS and Android, come with an assistive feature called Caller ID and Spam. Using it, you can see the caller ID of any number which is calling on your phone.

This way, it’d be easier to identify the business numbers and spam. Once you know, you can choose not to pick them up and block the spam number right away to avoid future calls.

Moreover, there’s also an option where you can activate the Filter Spam Calls feature. Doing this will automatically block spam calls, and your phone wouldn’t ring to disturb you.

To access and enable this feature, follow the below steps:

  • Open the Phone application on your device and navigate to the three vertical dots in the screen’s top-right corner.
  • Select Settings, and the first option you will see would be Caller ID and Spam.
  • Tap on it to access the features mentioned above.

3. Register your Number at the Do Not Call Registry

register your number at the do not call registry

What if telemarketers have access to your mobile number? Different companies will call you with varying numbers, and you can not block them all. In that case, the Do Not Call registry can be your ultimate savior.

You can register both mobile phones and landlines for this by using two methods. Simply visit their website or call the toll-free number 1-888-382-1222 from the telephone you want registered.

Once the number is logged in in the registry, telemarketers will have an ultimatum of 31 days to stop calling you. They would be subjected to legal charges if they still spam you with calls.

The best part is that there is no expiry of the number in the registry. Once you have registered it, it will remain there permanently until you remove it yourself.

How to Block Robocalls?

If you receive calls from different numbers and hear a recorded message upon picking up, it’s most probably a robocall. The main purpose of these calls is to sell you any service or product but beware, as many of these are scams.

In fact, it’s also against the law. Companies must have written permission from you before they send such calls, or they will be eligible for legal penalties.


Block Robocalls

There are three ways through which you can prevent robocalls on your device.

  • Do not press any number following any prompts by the recorded voice. This may lead to multiple more such calls in the future. You should just simply hang up the call the second you hear any recorded voice after picking up any unknown number.
  • The above step solves the problem temporarily. For a permanent solution, you need to use call blocking. Your phone carrier can help you choose the best provider from available options.
  • If all fail and you keep receiving these spam calls from different numbers, report each one to FTC at


There are several easy and free ways on how to spam a phone number, which is why this act is pretty common. But you might have realized that staying safe from these spammy activities is also not something challenging. If yor number is blocked by someone due to Spamming activity not known to you, you may try leaving a voice note to the person.

You can follow the protective measures we have outlined in this article to avoid getting disturbed by the unwanted ringing of the mobile phone. So whether it’s a robocall or a telemarketing spam, follow our methods to prevent spamming of your phone number now!


Is it illegal to spam a phone number?

Spamming someone for any reason is morally unethical and must be avoided at all costs. If we talk about this from a legal view, it can vary according to a country’s regulations

Some consider the text and calls spam a crime and even charge penalties for this act. Meanwhile others may not have any law regarding harassment. For example, you may be fined for SMS spam in Australia, Europe, or America..

Is it illegal to spam a phone number?

Spamming someone for any reason is morally unethical and must be avoided at all costs. If we talk about this from a legal view, it can vary according to a country’s regulations

Some consider the text and calls spam a crime and even charge penalties for this act. Meanwhile others may not have any law regarding harassment. For example, you may be fined for SMS spam in Australia, Europe, or America..

How to Stop telemarketers from Spam Calls after Do Not Call registry?

If telemarketers call consumers listed in DNC, they’d have to pay $11,000 per call. But, it takes almost a month for this to come into action. For example, if you register in May, they should stop calling you by the end of June.

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