5 Best Prank Links to Send to Friends [2024 Tested]

Updated December 23, 2023

Life should not be spent in the same way all the time. One should always have fun element to not only entertain self but others as well. One of the way is to send funny prank links to your friends to make them laugh and put smiles on their faces.

However, it must be kept in mind that pranks that posses risks to lives or emotions should never be tried with loves one. Only those pranks should be done that can only put smile and joy on the faces of your friends and relatives.

Although online pranks are safe and can not cause injuries or death in worse case but yet it can be emotionally stress full for some people. In real life prank history, there are some pranks that even caused deaths. Always avoid such pranks and only try online funny pranks with your friends using the links shared in this article.

Let’s discuss some of the websites that can be used to send prank links to your friends for fun.

5 Funny Prank Links to your Friends for Fooling

1. Fakewhats.com

Fakewhats.com allows you to create fake whatsapp chat discussion using your own settings like Names, Profile Pics, Phone Clock, Operator, Status to make it completely real. Try in your own language and fool your friends easily.

2. HackerTyper

Hackertyper Type like Hacker

Want to impress your friends by fooling them to believe that you are hacker? Hackertyper.net is one of the website where anything typed is converted to coding which looks like work done by hacker. You must have seen such things in movies where the person types coding to hack a system. Such things can be done using Hackertyper website. It is time to show your skills to your friends.

3. LoveCalculator

Love Calculator Prank Link

This is very fun prank that can help you know the name of the lover or crush of your friends. Send them the prank link which they believe is a Love Calculator and they need to enter their name and partner name to get score. However, upon entering the crush name, it will be sent to your via email and you will know it.

4. Fart Attack

Fart Attack Prank on Friends

Man, this is real fun. It is very funny prank that can be done with office colleagues. Whenever, your friend leaves his seat, quickly install the above Google Chrome plugin and leave the system before your friends arrival. Whenever your friends is going to click on mouse, it will produce fart sound. Just make sure the volume of the speaker is at max level.

This is going to be real fun moment. You can even record it but sharing on social media without your friends permission is immoral. Always ask for permission before making such videos viral.

5. Fake Facebook/Twitter Status Generator

Prank Facebook Fake Status

Prank your friends by generating fake facebook or twitter status using profile image and required text and send to your friends. You can also add number of Likes, Shares, Time and profile pic to make it look real.


These are some of the best funny prank links you can send to your friends to make them laugh. Although, there are many others available but these are some of the picks that can work very well on your friends. If you want a specific type of online prank, you can always search using the appropriate terms including prank links on Google.

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