How Are You Going To Get Your Backlinks To Index in Google?

Updated October 6, 2023

Get Your Backlinks To Index in Google

It would simplify your understanding of indexing backlinks in Google if you were to think of a search engine in terms of an extensive filing system comprising all information relating to the countless web pages available for users. The ‘filing system’ offers a compilation of completely organized data to help you find the precise location for sites, pages, or links. The infamous Google’ bots’ are responsible for the detection of any new incoming ‘data’ or links from the various pages or sites that need adding so the ‘filing system’ or index can be kept up to date, and these include any dead links.

Backlinks are critical in the promotion of a website. For you to develop one, you will create content related to your site on a fellow website and link it back to yours – ‘backlink.’ To receive optimal ranking from what you have created, this tool, as described above, indexing, will be the next step.

How To Index Your Backlinks For Google

Ideally, links that index naturally are the best for SEO, but these take significant time if that happens at all. In the world of marketing, ‘the faster, the better’ is always the motto making the use of a variety of techniques to move the process along quickly as the rule of thumb. Check out some methods that will help make that happen.

  • Method 1:   Use Google as a means to submit the link with the URL. You will actually search under ‘Submit URL’ in the Google screen, go to the results that match the search where you will be able to designate the specific link by the URL and submit it. To better understand what you’re creating from step one go to
  • Method 2:  Create content denoting the backlink inclusive of the URL for a Web 2.0 post where you will include this information and make sure to submit to Google. The ‘bots’ from Google will visit your post for this specific data so it can be indexed. Remember, the text doesn’t need to be lengthy or involved, merely one or two sentences to simply get the content posted. The suggestion is upon confirmation that the process is complete, take the post down from web 2.0 so the linking is removed, which notes to eliminate your’ footprints.’ But you don’t want to delete your web 2.0. As it ages, the indexing rate will be enhanced. The claim is that it’s possible to buy aged accounts at the start if you choose.
  • Method 3:  Ping yourself which the claim is you can do this for free. There are numerous sites that you can use for pinging. The suggestion is that this is not necessarily the most effective method if it works at all, but it is a preliminary trick to try as long as you take it with a grain of salt. Don’t try all the different ping websites. One will suffice as they all generally work the same.
  • Method 4:Create tiered links meaning a few lower ones that lead to those that are higher as a means of kind of ‘in-house’ promoting of sorts. It has the potential of bringing a faster rate of indexing to those on the top. The tier-method touts as relatively successful next to waiting for the natural effect but it can be an involved technique for anyone who wants to put in the time and effort. Read the benefits of including SEO in your concept.

Each person will employ a different method as there is a broad spectrum from which to choose. The idea is to get the backlinks out there as quickly as possible in an effort to get your site on the map, so to speak.

Why Things May Not Be Working For You

Backlink indexing is vital for SEO, which, in turn, is essential for your website’s visibility. The creation of a multitude of backlinks that don’t become indexed is a sad waste of time and effort that will produce no results. In saying that, you want to ensure that you avoid making mistakes that lead to these links sitting unnoticed like the following:

  • Content Creation: If the content you use to promote the URL is in any way copied, spun, scrapped, it will be challenging for a bot to crawl over it as easily. Not to mention the fact that these are better showcased when encircled by valuable text.
  • Substandard Quality:  If your creations are of poor quality, they will be of less value and will index poorly, if at all. It would help if you reevaluated what you have developed and perhaps rework them. Many times we have difficulty being impartial when it comes to our own pieces. Sometimes it’s beneficial to get an outside opinion from an esteemed colleague or a trusted acquaintance who will give their fair assessment. Seeing from another’s eyes can often open our own.
  • No Index: Some websites disallow for the index of new pages. If you place your URL to a page with a tag of ‘no index,’ there will be no recourse for you. But the suggestion is you can determine this via a Chrome tool known as ‘Inspect Element,” which will show you the tag in the header section letting you know not to post to this site.

The entire concept behind getting in the Google’ filing system’ is to be identified by the masses. A company achieving the goals they outlined in their initial business plan and standing out among the vast competition today rests on technology. It’s a digital marketing world beginning with web design/creation, and all that entails most importantly ranking on Google in every aspect. Get advice on high-quality techniques at

If your site, your backlinks, you, aren’t visible, viable, valuable, the target audience is not going to find you. The preferred demographic is a company’s bread and butter. If this group of people does not easily recognize you, consumers whom you need to convert, there’s little chance for success with your business.

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