Hide, Remove, Turn Off Or Disable New Google SideBar

Updated October 6, 2023

You may have noticed that Google has change they why you search on  Google. There is a new Side Bar (Navigation Bar) at the left side of the search page, which provides some additional information. For example “News, Blog, Videos, Books, Updates and Discussions. You can easily navigate to any catogory during searching on Google. I think these features are really very useful, however if you don’t like this sidebar and want to hide/remove/turn off or disable it. Then follow the below steps to get rid from this Side Bar.

google side barHow to Hide this Side Bar

1. Chorme

If you are using Google Chrome Web Browser, then install extension called “Google Hide Option”. This will allow you to hide or remove the side bar from the search page. You can also do more changes using this extension.

2. FireFox

FireFox user have to install Add-On called “Hide Google Option” in order to get ride of this left sided SideBar. You can Enable and Disable the sidebar at any time.

If the above method is not working, the install Google Fix UserScript through (Greasemonky) and get ride from the side bar. Both methods are working, however if due to any reason any one not worked then try the 2nd one.

3. IE and Opera

If you are using Internet Explorer or Opera there there is a very simple trick for you to remove the side bar from search page. Simply open http://www.google.com/webhp?hl=all in your browser and you will see no sidebar.

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  • Xen0ph0n

    Thank You So Much! I’ve been looking for a while now and and this actually worked!

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