13 Best Google Snake Game Mods You Can Use- 2024

Updated December 23, 2023

Back in our childhood, every one of us enjoyed playing the snake game on simple phones that would have keypads and mobile gaming consoles. It was uploaded to the internet by Google together with some different hidden games.

By just typing in “snake game” into the search engine, one can access the Snake Game on Personal Computer or mobile devices using a web browser. However, eating fruit while circling the board can get monotonous.

The greatest Google Snake Game mods could be added to spice it up by integrating new colors and features which can make these games a lot more fun and entertaining to play. They are very little in size like very few kilobytes, and loading them doesn’t require any special technological knowledge.

Installing a snake game mod is simple and easy. You can simply do this by only importing the bookmark. The mod will then be launched when you select the shortcut of bookmark in particular snake game.

What is basically a Google Snake game mod?

Google Snake Game Mods

A Google Snake game mod, also known as a modification, is a traditional Google Snake game which has undergone some type of change or improvement. Mods might include straightforward additions like different levels or gaming modes as well as more intricate alterations like updated visuals or gameplay features. The greatest Google Snake game mods are listed below so you may use these for hacking the game.

What is a Google Snake?

Easy and different browser-based game called “Google Snake” was first revealed by Google like an Easter egg in their search results. Handling a snake which keeps on getting bigger as it consumes the dots or other items requires skill, and the objective of the game is to earn the greatest score while avoiding walls and other obstacles that come in the way.

Back in early 2000, the Google snake game was very popular and people would love playing it while waiting for the search results to get browsed. It was a good way to pass the time. Although Google has removed this game but people can still enjoy it online on different websites or platforms.

List of Best Google Snake Game Mods

Check out the list below to know about some of the best Google snake game mods of all time. Which you will surely enjoy.


This amusing little tweak renders the snake unseen on the playing field. In essence, even though you can’t observe the snake move around, the you still have to take the right decisions to prevail. That seems really intriguing, no? Since this typically occurs when the internet connection goes off when the game is loaded, the community has created a mod to address this situation. This Google Snake mod is for people who enjoy fresh and intriguing modifications.

2. GoogleSnakeWall-EndgameSooner

Another option for Google Snake mod which removes any barriers to ensure that individuals can play uninterrupted for as long as they like. The snake’s rear or the tail must be touched in order to lose this game. I guess this is going to turn into an extended competition. You’ll nevertheless enjoy yourself when the snake becomes longer. So feel free to give this mod a shot.

3. Animated Colors for Google Snake

As users can probably guess, this mod enables users to convert the Google Snake game’s basic backdrop to animated patterns. The snake’s animation patterns can be modified, and the rate at which it moves can be chosen. Although the mod helps the gameplay appear cool, those who have photosensitive epilepsy shouldn’t use it. For everyone else, you may utilize this mod to give the game a rainbow-colored background.

4. Change Board Size

The Google Snake game’s, size of the board can be altered with the help of this mod. Occasionally you simply want to keep going in a particular direction continuously without feeling confined by a barrier. It can be done thanks to this mod. The board can be used however you choose. Expand the size of the board as much as you like.

5. Dark Mode Mod

Now that dark mode is so popular, everyone wants to enjoy their preferred web-based games in a theme that is dark. Why, then, the Google Snake game be left behind? Anyone can activate the Snake game’s darker mode by adding a small bit of Java script code to their page. Not only that, but you can use this mod for adding additional color schemes as well.

6. Mouse Mod for Google Snake

We are all mindful that a keyboard is required for playing Google Snake. However, the mouse version allows you to enjoy the game solely with the mouse. Not being constrained by a grid, you can easily to move and manipulate the direction. Your motion becomes less linear as a consequence, meaning that you will be able to go in any angle or direction. This is enjoyable.

7. Google Snake Toggle Deathscreen

Using this Google Snake game mod, users are able to play without always needing to reload the game after running into an obstacle or running into their own body. Players may continue gaming and attempt to surpass the high score because it essentially skips the death scene that displays when you smash.

The player must start the entire game from scratch if the snake smashes normally, resulting in a death display. The death display is deleted with this mod, allowing the player to continue playing uninterrupted.

 8. Google Snake Input Counter Mod

The iconic Snake game has been modified yet again, this time by Google Snake Customized Menu Mod. Using even more customized choices, it enhances the original gameplay with novel characteristics and playing styles.

Players may design their own unique Snake game using the following Google Snake gaming mod by selecting from a variety of skins, backdrops, and modes of play. Users can also change the width of the playing area and the game’s pace.

9. Google Snake Menu Mod

This Google Snake mod created by DarkSnakeGang is an excellent mod to attempt if you’re seeking for the most effective one. It is a comprehensive mod that adds anything to the original Snake game. Users can tweak the speed, bring in additional things, eliminate the barriers on all borders, add additional characters, alter the terrain and origins, and more.

 In short, you can access every custom element in the Google Snake game using this one mod. So why are you still waiting? Use the GitHub button below to get the Google Snake mod.

10. Wall-EndgameSooner

Using these mods, the barriers in these Snake games are removed, allowing you to explore without worrying about the game finishing. Together, AIYIWOWTGWL and the TimeKeeper snake game mod may create an engaging challenge.

The one way to get out in such a scenario is to get close to the snake’s long tail, which will occur after it has grown too large from consuming all the nearby fruits.

11. Time Keeper Mod for Google Snake

You may utilize the TimeKeeper mod to track time as well as set your own record because Snake Game does not keep the scores. Others are able to compete in the game for an extended period of time. Everybody’s personal fastest time, how many tries, and other information can be tracked.

The timer for the game is visible at the very top of the game window, and by selecting the gear symbol, you can change the game’s settings. This new feature adds a harder level of difficulty than just surviving.

Unintentional deaths are less often as you advance and improve at the game’s pace, and the emphasis moves to endurance. At this point in the game, death is a measure of your perseverance rather than just an act of luck.

12. Google Snake Skull Poison

Your typical grey apples are replaced with skull-shaped counterparts in Skull Poison. Although not really playable in the traditional sense, however this mode is enjoyable. These eerie skull apples can send your snake into a frenzy if it eats one.

He will squirm about and become grey as well. If the space is small, it is exceedingly challenging to avoid the barriers. If you’ve selected peaches or the mushrooms, for instance, this mod will make the other kinds of fruit appear grey.

13. DVD Screensaver Mode

With this insane tweak, you can make the snake appear bouncy. The DVD symbol, dark settings, and any other color you may wish to change all have toggles.

Take care when using this mod because it needs entering into the Chrome web browser console. The link will take you to the Git Hub’s information page.

This mod is unreliable and necessitates the Chrome console. Consider skipping it if you don’t feel comfortable with commands on the console or on JS.


Following was the list of some best Google snake game mods. You can also play unblocked games in school including snake games to kill boredom . Hope you found the article helpful and enjoyed going through these options.

Is it easy to install Google Snake mods?

Yes, the process of installing these mods is quite simple and straight forward. The process also does not take too long to get downloaded and these mods are not that big files.

What voice instructions are available in the Snake game?

Gives users the option to play the well-known snake game utilizing voice instructions such as “up,” or “down,” then “left,” or “right,” and even “start,” and “exit.”

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