2 Simple But Powerful Ways to Build Strong Backlinks

Updated October 6, 2023

Hmm, well the title says all. Backlink building is really simple and I wonder when people say it is hard. Of course you need to spend time and do it manually as the little spider hates any automated things. It is really simple to build powerful backlinks if you spend few hours of your time. I personally found 2 ways to build powerful backlinks which can give you the best juice possible.  I guess most of you must have known these two but here is the best way to implement it as well.

quality backlinks

Before reading below, select 2 keywords (Do a research and pick 2 with less than 5000 searches. Also check its competition) and make articles on those. Publish these 2 articles in your site/blog before we go into these authority sites.

Here are the two methods,

1. Web 2.0 Authority Sites

What does it mean? The site which has huge number of backlinks for it and ranks really well in Google is called as Authority Sites. When you post an article with a link in these sites, it gets indexed in hours. Yes, the ugly spider visits that often.

How to use these sites?

It is really simple. Select 5-10 high Authority sites (you can get this list from Google) and register in all those. I would personally recommend Squidoo, Hubpages, Propeller etc.

Now it is time to move on. Make 5-10 articles (Depends on the number you decide to go) related to the keyword you have selected. Make sure that all are 100% unique and well written with a good English structure.  Post all the articles in the Authority sites with your two keywords as Hypertexts.  Then pick all the URLs and ping them in www.pingler.com. Do not forget to bookmark them in few good sites alone.

That is it. Leave it for now.

2. Article Directories

So it is time for you to write again. Make 10 articles related to those keywords selected and be ready to get into action. Select 10 best high PR directories in the web and make sure that they have good amount of traffic as well. I would suggest Ezine, Article Dashboard, Article Alley etc. Just Google it and check its PR and Alexa. (If you have a Mozilla browser then there are add-ons to check it easily). Post all the 10 articles in each directory with your 2 keywords as Hypertexts in the Author Box. So repeat the same as you did before. i.e., ping and bookmark. That is it. You are done!!

You can also use the same article in 10 directories but it is always recommended to use unique articles.

So you are done with the both methods now. You will not see anything for 2 weeks of time but after that you can see a very good increase in the SERPs. If you choose low competitive keywords then believe me, you will rank in the first page of Google and even at #1 sometimes.

Try and share your results with us!!

Author Bio:- Praveen Sivaraman is a 23 year old IT Student, Currently Working in a Famous IT firm in India. He owns and runs Techperk, a technology related updates Blog. Follow him in Twitter @techperk.
His latest articles is HTC Touch Diamond and also do not forget to check out the Nokia 5233 review


  • Arslan @TheWorldTopTens

    Hey Praveen, both are good ideas but first one require much more effort and work than the later. I would personally prefer to write for article directories(specifically ezinearticles). Article marketing is better than web 2.0 marketing ‘cos it requires less time and results are quite good.
    I think in article directories EzineArticles is only site that should be targeted. It has good reputation and PR. What do you think?

  • nakshaat

    Google updates destroyed the world

  • SEO takes so much time 🙁 I dont have the time to run my business and rite 10 articles.

  • Excellent post… I have a small doubt if i 10 articles wrote to post in the Authority sites. shall i post 10 articles in one Authority site and same 10 articles post in 2,3,…10 Authority sites? Advance thnx

  • Mohammad Fawzi

    Good ways. I have a question. Should the content is in English only? My blog is in Arabic and you mentioned above I can not go ahead.

  • ArticleAlley is nofollow, you can remove it and replace by thefreelibrary.com PR7

  • Mani Viswanathan

    Blog Commenting & Guest posting are the most effective methods to get quick backlinks

  • Articles and PR are currently very popular proven moethods.

    Keep your content real, informative and unique, help others, and it will help you.

  • Satyajit

    nice tips…but i use article submitter software…it is really good…. 🙂
    Thanks for sharing….. 🙂

  • Sathish @ TechieMania

    Dofollow social Bookmarking sites will also give you pretty strong backlinks and since most of them are popular, the quality of backlink is also pretty high.

  • @Robert:

    Lol 😀 try them this time 🙂


    Yup, Content is King always


    Hmm well, No. Do not need it the second time.

  • I ping all sites listed in http://www.pingler.com.
    Do you thinks I ping too much?

  • Writing more killer content is also a great way to get more backlinks. 😀

  • Robert @ Techinfo-4u.com

    That’s a clever idea to get backlinks. This is something I’m always working on, and never thought about submitting to article directories, probably because I can’t seem to find the time to write extra posts for them

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