Find Out Bad Links and Stay Safe After Penguin Update-

Updated October 6, 2023

Google Zoo updates are on fire these days and several bloggers and webmasters have suffered from different type of penalties. The most troubled update is penguin update which penalizes websites or blogs which violates google webmaster guidelines.  Specially those involved in black hat techniques like keyword stuffing, link building scheme and cloaking.

I have seen several guest bloggers contacting me for removing the links they have got from a guest post at The reason is they have used the anchor text to a very extent value that they have effected their website or blog ranking adversely.

As a owner of the blog or website you know which anchor text you have used more than the normal practice, but the problem is how to find all the links you have created for your domain using that particular anchor text… is here to help you


The tools has some great features that can help you in your SEO effrots. The popular tool is Quick Backlinks which allows you to collect all the backlinks you have created with the anchor text. It also show you the percentage for anchor text you have used for your links. This can help you to analyze which anchor text need more work and which needs reconsideration. also offer you Quick Domain Compare up to 5 domains. To give you more idea i have compared Google and Yahoo so that you can see what data can be gathered using the tool.

google vs yahoo Available Tools

There are total 17 tools available for you that can be used for different purposes. Let me give you the name of all the tools that can be utilized for your SEO purpose.

  • Quick BackLinks (QBL)
  • Quick Domain Compare – Compare upto 5 domains
  • Backlink Profiler- Find out which backlinks you and your competitors site has
  • Juice Tool (Bulk URL Analyzer) – Get details about any page
  • Competitive Keyword Analyzer- Identify keyword opportunities in your niche
  • Competitive Landscape Analyzer – Compare your domain with competitors to find out strengths and weaknesses.
  • Competitive Link Velocity – Compare the growth of up to 10 domains links
  • Contact Finder- Find the contact information of a website owner
  • SERP Research Tool – Find out new links prospective
  • Link Juice Thief – As the name suggests you can spy on competitors links
  • Common Backlinks Tools – Find common links of a website
  • Missing Link Tools – Find links your competitors have from sites that talk about your niche and get links there, too!
  • Link Check Tool – Analyze links like   pyramid.
  • Strongest Sub Pages Tool- Find the best sub pages of a website
  • Link Juice Recovery Tool – Find links to dead pages.
  • Link Detox- Find toxic and suspicious links
  • Link Alerts- Get alerts when someone link to your site

This is one of the best and comprehensive tool which fulfills all your search engine optimization needs. So what are you waiting for, go and grab the tool to sky rocket your rankings.


  • Nikolay Stoyanov

    It’s time for the spring cleaning 🙂 I guess some webmaster will have their hands full!

  • Syed Danial @ best PC magzines

    Price is too much high. we can also do the same thing with opensiteexplorer

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