EGO VPN – Promising You Anonymity and Lifting the Location Barriers

Updated October 6, 2023

Using VPN

Are you a frequent traveler, or are you just concerned about your online privacy? EGO VPN is one of the most unswerving and protected options in the surfing and browsing market. It is the undisputed VPN king of 2020.

A Virtual Private Network with thousands of servers at hundreds of locations that offer its user base with boosted speeds and unlimited bandwidth. In comparison to rival competitors, EGO VPN guarantees the best security features and top-notch encryption. It has a user-friendly interface that pulls it ahead with ease. Additionally, and most importantly, it promises a logging policy, which means whatever you do will be dealt with confidentiality and discretion.

EGO VPN – A Compact Solution

The service has impeccable smoothness to experience. To know what we mean, you’ll need hands-on experience. It has many pros working in its favor. Let us go through them.

The Plus Points

We are all aware of the nuisance VPNs are notoriously popular for; connectivity and lags. The smart auto-selector feature on EGO VPN will never let you down. It guarantees accelerated connections and solid features for safe and sound browsing with anonymity. It is a perfect choice for VPN snobs and security-conscious individuals.

Unlock the World

Think of it as a master-key to unbolt the locks and dismantle all geographical barriers. Watch Netflix US irrespective of your current GPS location. YouTube regional constraints? Non-existent, for you have EGO VPN to counter that front. Short limitations and counter-measures to block your access by the ISPs are a thing of the past. EGO VPN is a tool that unravels all there is. Finally, you have the internet without borders. Stream videos, movies, songs, web TV stations of your choice. Browse through a plethora of social media sites that may be restricted in your country.


Peer-to-Peer or one-link torrents are both handled with impeccable convenience. Unsevered and lightening connectivity has rectified the torment torrents previously faced. Even the most sophisticated VPNs were unable to master this, but EGO VPN thrives like a pro. This is made possible because of simultaneous threading between the seeder and the downloader.

Multiple Devices

The ability to support numerous devices at the same time gives an edge to EGO VPN. You can now use it on your IOS, iPhone, and iPad. Plus, it also works on all android based phones and tablets.

Browse with Solitude

The team at EGO VPN is very particular pertaining to your privacy. They have gone the extra mile to ensure that you are invisible to any surveillance. Strict encryption is deployed to work an invisibility cape of you. No logs, IP addresses, surfing catalog, destination tracking, DNS queries, and metadata is stored or scrutinized. You can choose to be anonymous without any questions asked.


Before diving into the money matters, we must put emphasis on the fact that you can enjoy all the above perks for free. The only downside is the unavailability of some exclusive server locations and in-app advertisements. However, if you fancy being limitless, a premium service is what you need. Moreover, ads won’t pester you anymore.

They have three premium packages you can subscribe to. Two of them are monthly plans, whereas one is an annual subscription.

Monthly plan for $9.99 with a 14-day money-back guarantee. This one is a bargain.

Monthly plan for $11.99  with a 7-day free trial and 30 days money-back guarantee

You can also save up to 70 percent if you chose to pay a lump sum yearly payment of only $35.99 (as of March 2020)

– EGO VPN is offering a 30-day money return commitment. We would say if you have the budget to afford, this is a no-brainer.

Try it for yourself on the Apple AppStore.

Always at your Disposal

EGO VPN extends 24/7 customer support. You can email or phone for queries and concerns. Their staff is very knowledgeable and friendly.

A Click Away

As the saying goes, you have to be in it to win it. Therefore, you’ll have to download to know for yourself. Just get it on your choice of d

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