5 Common iPhone Charging Mistakes You Should Not Repeat

Updated October 6, 2023
Some of the most common mistakes done by the iPhone users can be killer for the phone battery. The worst part is the non detachable battery of iphone which can’t be easily replaced by a common user. It has to be replaced by apple customer care or expert technician to make sure the phone remains waterproof.
The replaced battery normally does not operate like the original one and you have to make sure you get battery from official store. Third party batteries are not reliable and does not work for the longer period.
It is therefore very necessary to avoid the following mistakes while charging the iPhone to keep the battery condition at its best.
iPhone Charging Mistakes

1. Cable Quality

It is always recommended to purchase an iphone charging cable from the official Apple Store. However, if you are getting it from another source, you have to make sure that the charging cable is MFI Certified. Poor quality cables can be hazardous and can cause serious injuries to human lifes. In the US State of Ohio, during charging of an iPhone 4, it caught fire while the whole family was asleep. Luckily, no one was hurt in the incident but it was clearly a sign of battery overheating.
Battery overheats due to the bad quality charging cables or the charger itself. It is therefore very important to have an Apple official or MFI certified charging cable for the iPhone. Sub standard cables can cause the batteries to overheat and thus increases the chances of damage to your iPhone and your life as well.

2. Overnight Charging

Although latest iPhone‘s have a feature to slow down the charge when it is charged upto 80% but overnight charging can still have negative impact on the battery life of iPhone.
Lithium Ion batteries have a limited number of charging cycles and frequent or overnight charging can decrease its lifespan. It is therefore advised to always charge the iPhone between 20% to 80% as already recommended by Apple.

3. Using the Phone while charging

This is another very common mistake done by most of the iPhone users. Using the phone while charging not only heats up the phone quickly but it also releases a high number of electromagnetic waves that are unsafe for human health.
Another research by Ariel Zilberlicht reveals that talking on the phone while charging causes abnormal sperm concentration. This clearly shows that any phone including iphone should not be used while it is charging.

4. Charging in heated environment

One of the mistakes most of the users make is charging the phone in a heated environment. For example in the kitchen near to the fire, or work place where the phone is directly exposed to the sun. Charging in such conditions can quickly overheat the phone which can cause damage to the battery and phone. It is always advised to charge the phone at room temperature.

5. Charging at Public Charging Stations

It is good to have such charging stations and can work well in case of emergency charging but it also has some risks associated with it. The following are some of the disadvantages of charging your iphone at public stations like airports and cafes.
  • People can install tempered charging devices that can actually steal your phone private data.
  • Hackers can get access to your phone to install tracking apps or compromise your data using juice jacking technique.

It is therefore not recommended to always charge your iPhone at such places. You can use the following tips in case of emergency to charge your phone.

  • Carry your own charger
  • Carry power bank. (Although it is not recommended to always charge your phone using power bank as they can reduce battery health life over time)
  • If you are not comfortable carrying cables, you can carry wireless charger for quick charging.


These are some of the common mistakes made by most of iPhone users. It is recommended to charge your iPhone using the best methods as outlined above to make sure you phone battery life stays in good condition. iPhone is a high graphic device and consumes a lot of battery and you will need long backup timing to keep enjoying your phone activities.

From taking photos to playing games or using it just for social networking or web surfing, it all takes power and the battery is the main source. You have to make sure to use your phone wisely to save battery life for emergency uses.

FAQs for iPhone Charging

Can I use a non-Apple charger to charge my iPhone?

No, it is not recommended to charge your iPhone using non-apple chargers. Although good companies are available that provides quality charges but you should always use Apple Chargers.

Can I charge my iPhone overnight?

No, it is not recommended to charge your iPhone overnight. The battery can overheat and causing it to explode.

Is fast charging supported on iPhones?

Yes, modern iPhones support fast charging and you will need a lightning cable and compatible USB-C power adapters for fast charging your phone.

Can I use wireless chargers to charge my iPhone?

Yes, wireless charging is new technology and used by Apple for iPhone charging. Qi compatible chargers can be used for wireless charging or Apple Magsafe charging system can be used as well.

Is it normal for my iPhone to get warm while charging?

Yes it is not normal for the iPhone to get warm while charging but make sure you are not charging your phone near fire or exposing it to the sun.

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