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Updated October 6, 2023

Apple iPad sold more than 300,000 units just a day after it has been released on April 3, 2010. There have been a really long line of people wishing to be one of the first people to ever have an iPad in the U.S.

iPad Tablet is just one of the latest technological innovations revealed in 2010. And the fact that it is still in its early days, you can expect that Apple would be able to receive feedbacks, complaints and suggestions regarding the said electronic device.

There is one thing I admire a lot about my new iPad–it is the battery life which can run up to 10 hours of continuous usage. But here’s the truth, iPad’s battery can run up to 11 to 12 hours of continuous usage if you only know what to do. I have tested it already, and I want to share what I learned.

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Top 5 easy ways to conserve your iPad’s battery

1. Turn Off the Wi-Fi Functionality

Not all the time I am connected or want to connect to the Internet, so I usually turn the Wi-Fi off as default and just turn it on whenever I want to use it. The truth about Wi-Fi is that, it uses both the hardware and the software so that your iPad can connect to a wireless network. While both are running, your battery is also draining fast. Now, you should know that even if you are not connected to the Internet, Wi-Fi is still on and functions the same as when you are connected to a network. Therefore, connected or not, it drains your battery all the same. Here is how you do it:

Settings –> Network –> Wi-Fi –> Off

2. Always turn your Bluetooth Off

I am not really fond of using Bluetooth devices ever since, so I do turn off the Bluetooth function. For those who do not know yet, Bluetooth is used to wirelessly connect other peripherals to your iPad such as headphones, keyboards and mice. Whenever, you do not have to use any of those, I advice you to turn this feature off from your iPad because just like Wi-Fi, it drains the battery faster even if you are not technically using it.

Settings –> General –> Bluetooth –> Off

3. 3G Service must be turned Off if not used

There are other models of Apple iPad which have this functionality; mine doesn’t have it that I don’t have to bother turning it off. Now, if you are one of the iPad owners which use 3G to connect to a wireless network, then this is for you. 3G functions the same as with the Wi-Fi. Whether or not you are connected, your battery is draining fast because both hardware and software are running. For sure there are times you are not connected or feeling like you do not want to connect to the web, so you can turn this service off just for the sake of conserving and preserving your iPad’s battery.

Settings App –> General –> Network –> 3G –> Off

4. You won’t be lost with the Location Service

Alright, this one’s a bit practical to do since most of the times you do not need to look up to your GPS to know your position. My point is, if you have been living in your neighborhood for years, you will be able to know every spot even with a blindfold. So, you technically do not need this Location Services nor the GPS. This feature can only be used whenever you are new to a certain place that you need to know every intersection, restaurants, hotels, etc…

Settings –> Location Services –> Off

5. Use the Auto-Brightness Feature

I usually use this option even with my iPhone because I just want to save up my battery especially when I am in a place where lights are high that I don’t need much light coming from my devices. iPad also has a capability to auto adjust the brightness of its screen depending on the ambient of light it can detect from its surrounding. By default, this feature is set to off so you have to turn it on.

Settings –> Brightness –> Auto-Brightness –> On

Apple iPad’s battery is specially built to fit inside with other electronic components; it has its exact size and length. Therefore, you cannot find one of those in your local hardware stores. The sad thing is that Apple do not and will not provide replacement for busted iPad battery unless, of course, if you purchase one at $99 not counting the tax and shipment fee. You may not be able to see the importance of the things I am talking about here. But in the long run, you will surely know the difference.

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