Choosing the Best Phones for Seniors

Updated October 6, 2023

Best Phones for Seniors

Seniors need to stay in touch with the outside world as much as the younger people. They need and use mobile phones to maintain contact with loved ones and seek medical help in case of emergencies.

While senior citizens in Australia have been initially slow to adopt mobile phones, relying mostly on calls to and from landlines or letters in mail, today they have embraced these devices as important means of communication.

Their aversion to these new tools is not altogether baseless. The modern devices are hardly age-friendly. This is where mobile phones for seniors come to play a critical role. These phones are specially designed for seniors and people with low vision who need a simple and easy-to-use phone.

Special Features to Look for in Mobile Phones for Seniors

Many reputed mobile phone makers in Australia have developed mobile phones for seniors that have been designed with special features, keeping in mind the special needs of the elderly. If you are looking to purchase an age-friendly phone you can visit Opel Mobile for a wide range of these specially-made , easy to read and hard to break phones for seniors. These phones are available in both smart and non-smart phones variants. The special features of these phones include:

Simple and Easy Navigation. The phones are stripped to the essentials with no extra features that make navigating the phones much easier. Some phones come with home base stations, making phone-charging an easy affair. Most of these devices also include loudspeaker feature to aid those who are hard of hearing

Big Buttons and Big Typing Key Pad. While choosing phones that are ideal for the elderly, look for large buttons and big keypads that will facilitate easy typing and receiving and ending calls. Make sure the phones display large icons and text for ease of viewing for the elders

Large LED Display. Purpose built screen and large LED displays are other marked features of these phones, so that elders can find it convenient to use them

SOS Emergency Buttons. These are must for the peace of mind for both the elders and their caregivers. The SOS buttons come large and the elderly can easily access them to alert their caregivers immediately, in case of emergencies

Hear Aid Compatible. Some of these phones for seniors are also fitted with hearing- aid compatibility features along with the regular loud speaker feature

No-Fuss Phones. With no unnecessary apps, these phones do not confuse the elders. At the same time most of the smart phones for seniors in Australia come with Facebook and WhatsApp applications to help them stay connected with friends and families.

Special Unlimited Phone Plans for Seniors

Seniors generally do not want to feel restricted while communicating with loved ones. Unlimited phone plans are great options for seniors as they do not put a limit to how much an elderly can contact her friends or families.

These are some of the things that you might want to keep in mind while shopping for mobile phones for seniors.

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