The Best Business Mobile Phones in 2020

Updated October 6, 2023

When choosing a new smartphone for the average person, there aren’t too many requirements that need to be met. Most people just want a good camera, a user-friendly interface, and some storage space. However, those looking for a reliable business phone have an entirely different set of needs.

A business phone needs to allow the user to maximize their productivity, reduce friction in one’s everyday workflow, and provide the tools needed to perform a job to the best of one’s ability.

Business phones have come a long way since the first Blackberry hit the shelves two decades ago. Read on to find out which devices are the very best business mobile phones in 2020.

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1. Microsoft Lumia 950

If you conduct your work on Windows, then having a pocket Windows PC as a smartphone can allow for seamless cross-platform working. Microsoft’s Lumia 950 in an ultra-power device that runs on Windows 10 and can instantly sync with all of your Windows devices, giving you constant access to Word documents, PowerPoint files, Excel spreadsheets, and more. Since the Lumia allows you to carry all of your important business documents in your pocket, it is highly recommended that you purchase comprehensive phone insurance with this device so that you can cover your losses in the event of theft or damage.

2. Apple iPhone XS

Apple has made a concerted push in recent years to market its phones to business users, creating a product that allows for seamless multitasking and constant connectivity. The XS is one of the most user-friendly iPhones to date, allowing even the most technophobic people to easily get the hang of its sleek operating system. With the XS, you can align all of your apps with your daily working routine, while switching between office suites, email, productivity apps, and communication apps with ease. Users also benefit from Apple’s enhanced security, which tends to outperform Android in almost every way.

Apple iPhone XS

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3. Google Pixel 3XL

Google phones are immensely popular among business users, owing to the huge availability of apps on the Google Play store and the ease with which the phone can be synched with other business devices. Users can also benefit from Google Assist, which works as a handy, AI-driven personal assistant that will schedule appointments, screen calls, take minutes in meetings, and suggest action points when you are making notes or writing out emails. The ease with which the Google Pixel 3XL connects with your Google Drive, Google Docs, and Google Slides is also a major plus.

4. Samsung Galaxy S20

Samsung has always developed its products with business users in mind, and the Galaxy S20 is certainly no exception. The device has one of the most powerful CPUs on the market right now, ensuring that no task is too great. In addition, the Samsung Galaxy S20’s 4000mAH battery means that you can easily get 12 hours of battery life out of it, even when constantly using it. For business people that are constantly on the go, a feature like this can be a real life-saver. In addition, the S20’s email and productivity apps are some of the most comprehensive and user-friendly on the market right now.

5. OnePlus 6T

For some reason, OnePlus tends to get ignored in favor of more expensive, flashier devices. However, the OnePlus 6T arguably represents the best value for money for business users who want everything that they would expect a high-end business phone to deliver. It may not come with all of the sleek features of the latest iPhone, but it delivers everything that a business user could want. It is solid, fast, secure, has an insanely long battery life, and allows for full synchronicity with other devices. For a device that retails at a mere $499, you can’t really ask for much more.

OnePlus 6T

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6. Blackberry KEY2

You would be forgiven for thinking that Blackberry’s best days are behind it. While Blackberry was once the business phone provider of choice, it has undeniably lost its prime position in the market. However, they have made a strong attempt at a comeback recently with the release of their KEY2 device, which features the iconic QWERTY keyboard that we all associate with the company. If you miss the stellar business features that Blackberry has always provided, then the KEY2 is the one for you. With 128GB of storage space and a resting battery life of 48 hours, what more could you want?

7. Samsung Galaxy Note 8

Rounding off this list is another critically-acclaimed release from Samsung. The Galaxy Note 8 is a beast of a phone that packs in more processing power than most laptops. What’s more, the Note 8 is compatible with Samsung DeX, meaning that you can use it as an actual desktop computer if you wish to do so. This is undoubtedly a device with business in mind, which is why you’ll find a micro USB connector, dual SIM, an ultra-HD display, and intelligent voice assistance.

These are the best business phones that money can buy in 2020. If you want a device that helps you work faster and smarter, these are the ones to consider.

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