The Top Five Things Our Phone Has Taken Over Doing For Us

Updated October 6, 2023

Smartphone Computers

Is there anything our smartphone doesn’t do for us any more? They’ve become our lifelines, our organisers and perhaps more significantly, our PAs.

We take much of what we do on our smartphones for granted these days, but there was a time when physical activity was required by us to use the services we want, whether it be from the world of entertainment to daily conveniences.

Some things have become more reliant upon our smartphones and tablets than others. Below we take a look at just which industries and services we now heavily rely on our devices…

Handheld Entertainment

Many entertainment industries can now be accessed through our smartphone and are used heavily.

For example, when it comes to betting we’re much more inclined to download the bet365 Android app than we are to visit a local bookmakers. Many bookmakers are focussing their efforts purely online and via mobile these days, due to the fact it’s now more accessible and has the capacity to showcase many more offers and markets.

That’s the case with many entertainment industries. In a bookmakers you were once limited to the coupons available, and that’s exactly the same with movies. Netflix is watched by millions via smartphone, but once upon a time you’d have to visit a local Blockbuster. In fact, until only fairly recently Netflix was a mail-order service.

Hailing A Cab

For the most part, being able to use an app to do something is ultimately making us lazier. But the fact we no longer have to chase taxis down the street is most certainly for the better.

There are many apps available to download in every city, allowing you to order a taxi, choose a pick-up destination and location and even pay via it, making getting around easier than ever.

They’re extremely useful when abroad as they can help tackle the language barrier, with Uber the most universally popular.

Doing A Food Shop

Many of us use the likes of Ocado and other food delivery services these days and like bookmakers and streaming services, you get more choice, your selections are easier to find and you don’t have to leave your home.

As well as having a supermarket deliver food to you, you can also have meals delivered to you through the likes of Deliveroo, or even companies who send you ingredients and recipes such as Hello Fresh and Feast Box.

Visiting A Bank

While many things we do with our smartphones can often be criticised for people being lazy or contributing to the “death of the high street”, it’s hard to see people taking positive steps to regularly checking bank statements and managing money as something that can be criticised.

Mobile banking has been a real game-changer and is safe, secure and can be hugely impactful in helping people avoid debt and calculate and monitor their spending.

While people still use banks to speak to people and gain advice face-to-face, the ability to check out accounts anytime, anyway certainly is a time saver, as well as a money one too!

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