6 Blogging Tools Every Bogger Should be Using

Updated October 6, 2023

For the bloggers, it is a very sensitive issue to maintain and increase their web traffic. High traffic means flourishing business, getting branded, increasing leads, more money, and authority in the industry. Poor traffic may be vice versa which will hurt the business badly. So we have done some research and came up with some amazing tools. These tools are recommended by expert bloggers and we share with you. You MUST try these tools to have a better blogging experience and increase your efficiency.

1:- Easely:

Easely Online Tool

Visual content/graphics are very important to attract the readers and quality graphical content makes a reader-friendly environment. Visuals also help in quick learning and interpretation. A blogger should be aware of this. To add visual content, Easely is a highly recommended tool. It is a new tool with a lot of templates. The modification is no problem. You have a wide range of options. Drag n drop, picking templates, adding text, choosing suitable colors, you can almost design a whole new fantastic visual for your audience. Easily is comfortable to use and easy to handle like its name.

2:- Google Trends:

Google Trends

It is important to cover those topics that are trending and are the most searched by the internet users. Google has a great tool for knowing the trend of a particular keyword. As a blogger you should be using the Google Trends all the time to get lots of traffic. There are several other google tools you can use. Neil Patel in this post has mentioned some of the very useful and great Google Tools.

3:- BuzzSumo:

Buzzsomo Blogging Tool

This is a versatile tool for bloggers. You can find its use in content research, competitive research, influencer mining, email alerts and much more. You can search the most shared content about a topic. You may keep a check on new trends using this feature. Enter a domain name to find out your most popular posts. For example, you can find out your blog post rankings on social media ranking (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest). This way you can monitor the trends, the hottest topics on your working media all the time and invest your time and efforts in a much better way. Other uses for bloggers are creating email alerts, featuring Google alerts in a new way, limiting results to recency, filtering results by types (like videos, articles, infographics etc.). in short this tool is a MUST try for bloggers to enjoy a new and better experience in the blogging field. And the last thing, there’s a “BuzzSUmo” Google chrome extension too.

4:- Markdown Quicktags:

Markdown Quicktags

Not all the bloggers create their content in WordPress. A lot of bloggers use Word, Pages, Scrivener and other software to compose their posts. When the posts created on other software are moved on WordPress they may lose their format or may appear messy. It would take a lot of time to change the format. Markdown Quicktags is a plug-in which automatically sets the format of the pasted document. This is very simple to use. Copy and paste from your draft to the WordPress “Text” box. Now click “Render”. The Markdown Quicktags will convert your original draft into a lovely format in no time. This saved a lot of time. Didn’t it? Next time you have to perform formatting a post in WordPress, give it a try. The quick performance may help you manage your work in a better way.

5:- Namechk:

Namechk Online Tool

As the name suggests, this is a one-stop tool to use, if you (or your clients) are looking to launch a blog for your business or brand etc. and you want to make sure that all the social media names are available for your business or name. The beauty of this tool is that when the desired URL is searched with this tool, it will check the availability of the URL on all the social media platforms. This site searches about 157 social media platforms and shows which platforms are available and which are not. Moreover, it also gives similar suggestions for the domain if the desired domain name is not available.

6:- Stay focused:

Stay Focused Online Tool

This app is loved by so many people because it has really helped people in staying focused. By its name this app blocks the websites of the user’s choice. The user can set how long he can spend his time. The app will block the site for the rest of the day when the user reaches the limit. This is absolutely useful when you have tight deadlines and you cannot focus on your work. Instead, you waste a lot of time on Facebook, twitter or any other website. You know very well which site you visit and spend hours and hours. If you want to control yourself, stop wasting your time, want to be time-efficient go for it NOW! I am myself using it because otherwise, I spend 4-6 hours daily using Facebook. Using the app I reduce it to maximum 2 hours and save an average of 3 hours daily. That’s 84 more fruitful hours for me! So Stay Focused is personally recommended for fellow bloggers who spend too much time on social networks.

This is an initial list of the useful tools for bloggers. I will be posting more about other tools which really help bloggers so stay tuned for the next update.


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  • Shakir Hassan

    Hi there,
    You should include Grammarly too ;). It is one of those tools that help you in automating your blogging business & proofread your blog post quite fast.
    Thanks for writing.

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