Movable Type vs WordPress- Blogging Platforms

Updated October 6, 2023

With day by day increase in popularity of blogging, users are regularly looking for fresh blogging platforms. You can see lot of blogging platforms nowadays in the market. All of them have various different features when compared to each other. However, the choice of platform matters the most, when it comes down to long term usage. The choice of platform again depends on the individual’s preference and convenience.

The Movable Type and Word Press are top platforms that became archrivals after steep increase in popularity of Movable Type. Soon enough, even the top web hosting providers started offering both of them as a part of value added services in their hosting packages to please the customers. The main objective of the present article is to provide a comparative analysis of Movable Type vs Word Press – so here we go!


WordPress is one of the blogging software available for free, and it is becoming more popular among all the top bloggers, just because of its impressive features and the open source licensing policy. The latest 3.3.1 version showcases amazing improvements over its bare-basic WP 2.0 version that was released about one and half years back. Most of the web masters suggests us choose the WordPress Self-Hosted blogs instead of free platform in order to enjoy the maximum power of WordPress CMS. Choosing best WordPress Hosting service is one of the most important tasks for the webmaster.


  • Installation is pretty easy (the famous 5-min WP installation)
  • Coding is done in PHP, and tweaking with WP themes is pretty easy
  • It also saves contents with the help of MySQL database.
  • Incredibly customizable, flexible, and localizable.
  • It also offers source code distribution and free license modification.
  • Well known for developing user friendliness. It is the most preferred choice for the ones who require advanced customization. It also offers tons of plugins for automatic spam block, pinging, and much more
  • It can also be run in a variety of web server platforms such as Nginx, Apache, and Lighttpd.
  • Unlike the Movable Type, WordPress is pretty much suitable for advanced users who like various improvements with the blogs.


The only negative facet of WordPress is the security aspect; WP blogs have been prone to malware attacks and hacks consistently.

Every time, a new version is released, one must upgrade at the earliest to avoid any security threats…

Movable Type

Movable Type is yet another popular platform for blogging. It was launched for the first time in the year 2001. Off-late, the 5.1 version has hit the market.


  • It is written in PERL, which is slightly advanced that PHP
  • It can be made to work on all other platforms.
  • It can store content in various databases, which include MySQL and Berkeley DB.
  • It offers better control to work.
  • It has got simple administrative interface.
  • By default, it has got multiple blog managing.


  • Major problem with the Movable Type is that it requires expensive user license system when compared to the other blogging software like WordPress; it is not an open source tool.
  • Static functioning system in the Movable Type is not suitable for adjustments and quick modifications.
  • When it comes to flexibility, WordPress is far better… Even installing the Movable Type is more complex when compared to its counterpart.

Author Bio:- Guest Post by Alex Christopher, who works are Marketing Expert for WordPress Hosting Solutions and He’s networking and marketing expert with over 12 years of experience.

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  • Sahl

    wordpress has too many Pros, its being used by 90% of the web in my opinion.

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