5 Ways to Build Strong Relation Ship With Bloggers

Updated October 6, 2023

It is very important for a blogger to build a strong relationship with fellow bloggers. The more friends you have the better you can expose your self. As a blogger you should always think about your blog popularity, and one of the best way to expose your blog is to build relationship with other bloggers. Not only relationship but strong and healthy relation ship. In this post i am going to share 5 ways through which you can easily build strong relation ship with other bloggers.

5 Ways to Build Relation Ship With Bloggers

build relationship with bloggers


Commenting in a blog on regularly basis will help you in building relationship with that blogger. Always post new comments in every blog post of the blogger you want to make him friend. Make your self popular, so that the Admin can easily know you among the other commenters. Target a blogger you want to make him or her friend and start commenting in his or her blog. Make sure to post informative, unique and positive comments. In this way you will be able to build relationship with that blogger.

2. Guest Posts

Another useful technique to build relation ship with fellow bloggers is to start guest posting. Now a days guest posting is very popular and both parties Guest posting blog and guest post writer loves to do it. It makes healthy relationship with both parties. If you want to target a blogger to make him or her friends, then start guest posting for his/her blog. You will see positive result with in 7 days.

3. Link Proposal

Well this technique requires a lot of efforts and some requirements. It will help you in building good and strong relation ship with other bloggers. The blogger you want to exchange link will only respond to your proposal if you follow the above 2 techniques. So first comment on his blog and then write 1 or 2 guest posts for his blog. After that you will be able to exchange link with him.

4. Contest Sponsors

Start a contest and send a proposal to targeted bloggers that if he is interested in sponsoring your contest. For example you can see that i apply this technique in my $200 Worth Contest and i got positive result. So if you want to build relation ship with bloggers then do this and you will get positive result.

5. Social Communities

Of course social communities will help you in making new blogger friends and readers. Facebook, Orkut, Twitter and all other communities are well known social networking sites that will help you. Use these social communities effectively to get positive result.


  • Technolic

    Few of the points were unknown to me.

    Thanks for writing.

  • Dana @ Blogging Tips Blog

    I almost do all of these except the contest. I will try to figure out about this blogging contest and see what I can do about it.

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