How Guest Blogging Helped Me In Building Backlinks?

Updated October 6, 2023

If your are running a website or blog then you must be aware of the importance of backlinks. Without backlinks you can’t increase your blog ranking in search engine and SEs are the only free available source for all bloggers and website owners to drive traffic. Backlinks can be build easily, because these days a lot of techniques and ways are available through which you can build quality backlinks. For example article marketing, directory submission, forum posting, link exchange.

guest blogging

But all these methods are getting old and Google and other search engines now rank websites and blogs based on the quality backlinks.

Quality Backlinks are those links that comes from search engine friendly domains, and are the relevant one.Thus the only way to get quality backlinks is Guest Blogging.

What is Guest Blogging?

A simple process where you write a article/post for a blog and request the blog owner to publish it including your author bio. Your author bio contains links to your blog or website. Thus you get quality backlinks from your written article.

You can find millions of blogs where you can publish your article and get links. As you all know blogs are search engine friendly thus you get quality links. Similarly you can get relevant link from a blog by writing a article that matches your blog or website theme.

How Guest Blogging Helped Me?

I wrote different articles for several popular blogs and in return i got traffic and quality backlinks. My blog current Page Rank is 3 and expecting increase in the upcoming page rank update. I noticed that guest blogging is the only technique which build quality backlinks for my blog.

I am also sure that my existing page rank will never decrease but increase. Because most of my backlinks are from guest posts and i know that all the guest post will stay in the blog forever.

I only get backlinks for my blog using guest blogging method and would also suggests you to follow the method and you will see the result in a few weeks.


  • Building links takes time, hoping to get quality LIS through backlinks.

  • Parveen Suri

    Yes Bilal I am agree with you. Building Links and Guest Blogging are the main part of any blog. I am using comment as well as social share. Thanks for sharing right thoughts.

  • ebimablog

    i have always known guest blogging to be a very useful tool for quality backlinks and traffic,though am yet to key into this

  • Ritesh @ flight coupons

    Guest post on relevant blog is good from SEO point of view and also a nice way to get good amount of traffic to your website.

  • Christopher

    guest blogging will give authentic backlinks..Also blog commenting will help

  • I liked your concept guest Blogging. When i came to this online marketing industry i have learnt a lot about SEO. Blogging made me think differently to explore the knowledge i have. As the vikas said that … blogging gives more benefits in terms of SEO, it really works.

  • Vikash @ Discount Coupons India

    I Agree Bilal, Guest blogging is the best and most genuine way to build quality links.

    • Bilal Ahmad

      Vikas@ If done in relevant blogs then it will give more benefits in term of SEO.

  • Hire Web Developer

    getting confident to know the importance of quality Guest Blogging.

  • Bligbook

    it always be a great one…..

  • Anish K.S

    Its the main benefit of guest blogging. 🙂

  • PR@AlmostLikeEverything

    Thanks For the information Bilal, yes guest blogging not only increases quality backlinks but also increases our Author credibility!

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