Did Artificial Intelligence Find How to Win the Casino?

Updated October 6, 2023

Artificial Intelligence in Games

Online gambling has proven to be one of the most lucrative industries in the past few years. While land-based casinos have always been popular, the rise of online and mobile gambling has taken things to the next level.

Online gambling has not only made this thrilling and rewarding pastime more available to everyone, but it has removed the stigma that followed gambling for many years. Because it is so easily accessible, playing at online casinos has become the norm with casino games like online slots, video poker, Blackjack and Roulette being played all over the world.

Online casinos continue to provide players with new and exciting ways to play your favorite game and discover more opportunities to win big, anytime, anywhere. You don’t have to leave home to play Blackjack, or you can enjoy a slot machine while on the move.

Modern technology allows players to enjoy the most realistic and authentic gaming experience thanks to world-class graphics and sound effects, unique and innovative features and themes and some incredible chances to win big, including plenty of progressive jackpot games that have awarded millions over the years. Live casinos and virtual reality games give even more authenticity to your gaming experience, which adds even more appeal to online and mobile gambling.

That said,advancements in technology do not always spell good news for online casinos. If artificial intelligence reaches great levels, it could threaten the existence of online gambling as we know it.

What is Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial intelligence, or AI, is hard to define as it continues as technology advances. In its broadest terms, AI refers to the intelligence of a computer or machine, which is led by computer science.  The goal of AI is to develop computers and machines to perform certain functions and roles in the future to help improve the lives of human beings.

One of the most recent examples of artificial intelligence is voice and speech recognition. It is estimated that, in future, humans will create an AI that has certain levels of cognitive thinking to help it solve problems, process data, understand communication and recognize its environment. And, in time, advancements can lead to AI being able to gain the knowledge, reasoning, and perception that could be superior to human intelligence.

This poses the question – could AI learn to understand and beat online casinos?

What makes online casinos operate the way they do is the Random Number Generator, or RNG. This system ensures continued fair play and that all results are completely random. Most online casinos undergo audits to ensure they use RNGs that offer visitors fair play. But while RNGs are the most thorough way to ensure the games are paid out fairly, it is still a program created by humans.

If AI robots gain advanced machine learning capabilities, it could potentially figure out the programs algorithm and alter the results. While the random number generators use unpredictable patterns that the human brain cannot figure out, it prevents players from cheating. But, since AI robots will have greater capabilities for gathering, mining and understanding complex data, the effectiveness of random number generators could be under question in the future.

Can AI Robot Beat an Online Casino?

This is certainly a possibility in the future. AI bots will be able to learn games and, after time, figure out the various patterns and algorithms used to play and win. And players will not only get a win, but possibly get the highest win available. AI robots of the future will also be able to learn and think independently, which means they might not even be willing to cheat at online casinos for humans.

What Can Online Casinos Do?

While AI is slowly taking over various fields and industries, it is still far from taking over the world. And while AI bots can be created to clear online casinos, others can be created to completely prevent this. The best things casinos can do is to find out how they can use AI to protect themselves from the potential threats of AI bots. The technology in AI could be used as security against cheating. The advancements in AI can also highly benefit online casinos but creating a more enhanced and rewarding experience from what we have today.

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