5 Best Siri Alternatives for Android Devices

Updated October 6, 2023

Recently Apple introduced its most powerful and most fastest iPhone yet, known as iPhone 4S. With the new iPhone 4S, Apple also proved that they’re leading the world in Smartphone innovation. The New iPhone looked very similar to the previous iPhone 4, But was packed with much more features.

With iPhone 4S, Apple introduce its Intelligent Virtual Voice Assistant called Siri. Siri was capable to do everyday tasks and its operates on human voice commands. Unlike some previous voice command applications like vLingo, Siri was able to recognize daily used human language instead of pre-setted Robotic commands. For example: Instead of saying ‘Today’s Weather’, you can ask Siri ‘Should I carry umbrella today,’ and without making any errors Siri will display relevant information.

This was birth of great technology, But it was just limited to iPhone 4S, Which means people with older iPhone’s or different platform devices (Android etc.) were unable to experience this great technology.

But don’t worry, Today I’ll tell you 5 Best Siri alternatives present in Android market.

1: Voice Actions

voice action app

Voice Actions is one of the closest Alternative which is available on Android. With this app, you can control your Android smartphone through speech commands. You can talk to your phone and ask him to Set Alarms and Reminders, Voice Dial, Search Music, videos, Get latest News and Updates, Send Messages and Emails, Search Google etc.

This App is Somewhat like Sir, You can ask questions like ”Where is Statue of liberty?” etc.

2: VLingo

vlingo app

VLingo is one of the most popular and most downloaded virtual assistant. It is available on many different operating systems like iOS, Symbian, Android, Blackberry etc. Simply Speak to VLing and it will help you perform daily tasks, Say Update Facebook status or it can be Sending texts and Emails. It will do whatever told, It can be Buying Movie tickets or booking hotel room, Searching the web or images, Getting answers to almost every question and much more.

This Apps is very accurate and responsive. I’ve used it on my Old Symbian device (Nokia 5230) and I’ve also used it on my iPhone and it works really well on all devices.

3: Assistant

speaktoit assistant app

Assistant or Speaktoit Assistant is a Virtual Mobile Assistant Application for Android devices. Basically, Speaktoit is Virtual talking buddy which answers questions using Natural language. It can also find information on various topics, It can launch applications, Search for news and images, Connect to various web services like Google, Facebook, Twitter etc. You can also choose your Personal Assistants appearance as per your choice.

4: AIVC 

aivc app

AIVC or Artificial Intelligent Voice Control is an Android Voice controller application, which has a virtual assistant called Alice. Alice can help you do things quickly and easily. Alice can understand more than commands, You can have a Conversation with Alice. You can give her specific Instructions to perform daily tasks. Alice can help you with Call, Text, Email, Translation, Navigation, Alarm, Timer, App Launcher, Calculator, Facebook, Web search, Weather, Search images etc.

5: Edwin – Speech to Speech

edwin speech to speech

Speech to Speech can help you Search, Translate, Check weather, Tweet etc. by using nothing other than voice. It can also help you make calls, Text and send emails etc.

Author Bio:- Jim Luthra is a Science Student Studying in a Marine College, He want to pursue his career in Merchant navy. He lives in Mumbai, India. In his Pass time he Blogs at Area51 Blog. His hobbies are Drawing, Sketching, Playing Guitar, Gadgets, Blogging and Fitness.

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