A Faster Solution to Moving Large Data

Updated October 6, 2023

Moving Large Data

The size of business files and data sets are getting larger with each passing day. For smaller companies, social sector enterprises and non-profits who do not have the wherewithal to leverage technology to its fullest potential, this poses challenges to execute even the basic file transfers, let alone transferring larger data across to Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems, applications, partners or customers.

Merely accelerating data movement will not solve the problems of these companies; they need a quick, reliable and affordable data transfer solution that will help them to unlock new sales and marketing potential and business intelligence capabilities.

Problems Faced by Charities in Transferring Big Data

A social sector company uses multiple online payment systems to raise funds. This results in a big pool of data – a treasure-trove of information. Due to lack of enough technological support, the charities manually enter this huge pool of data into their CRM systems. This manual data entry was not only late, but came with all the associated human errors. Sometimes due to lack of human resources, some data would not even find their way in to the CRM systems. This costs the social sector companies in terms missed opportunities and is also not a healthy approach to CRMs like Salesforce which service non-profits.

Move Data Provides Faster and Affordable Data Transfer Solutions

This is where Move Data steps in. Founded by two technology professionals, with deep passion to serve the social sector in Australia, Move Data is committed to provide fast, easy and affordable way for non-profits to transfer their big data like donation, fundraiser and other data into their CRMs in real-time. The company provides a complete suite of integrations for non-profits in Australia who use Salesforce.

Real-Time Data Integration

Specialising in Salesforce, a popular CRM for non-profits, Move Data creates real-time data integration with various industry platforms. The company transforms, standardises and treats data in such a way that it would flow automatically into Salesforce in an accurate, predictable and repeatable manner so that this integration would work consistently with all fund-raising platforms regardless of the customisations, third party add-ons and configuration changes.

Move Data Improves Business Outcomes

Move Data facilitates faster exchange of information that leads to more timely decision making​ for the non-profits and successful data delivery optimise their operational and business efficiencies. The company also makes real-time marketing automation a reality for the non-profits which gives companies the advantage of superior and active customer engagement and results in improved metrics.

Scale Up with Move Data

Big or small, Move Data aids in the success of companies by providing best-in-class technical support.

Our services include:

  • Non-Profit success pack
  • Systems integration
  • Salesforce administration
  • Apex, Visual Force and Lightning Development
  • Sales, Services, Marketing and Commerce Cloud

Whether you need them to cut code, support new workflows, administer your instance or provide strategic advice, the team of Salesforce experts at Move Data will have you covered.

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