The Best Apps for Engineering Students to Help With Their Studies

Updated October 6, 2023

Engineering is one the most difficult fields of study to major in. From mechanical to petroleum engineering, the diversity of topics and subjects involved make these courses incredibly complex, and even impossible to pass for some students. Fortunately, new mobile applications specially designed for engineering students are now accessible for both Apple and Android users. Downloading these apps is a breeze, yet their functions will be highly useful throughout college. Many of these applications simplify engineering students’ lives by providing formula templates, defining common terminologies, and measuring parts and components.

Engineering Professional

This is a very powerful application with over 650 formulas covering civil, mechanical, electrical, and computer engineering. It even offers formulas for hydrology majors. This is an utter must have for engineering students who prefer to keep their formulas inside their pockets, rather than painfully memorizing each one. Engineering Professional allows you to perform calculations on beams and shafts. These have more than a hundred conversion and area formulas. You can also store and email all your formulas to classmates who need them.



This app features numerous helpful tables and an intuitive simulator. Using iLogica, you can effortlessly access intricate logic tables that engineering students are often exposed to during study and hands-on work. This said, iLogica is an equally dynamic application for engineering students and licensed engineers alike. This coherent learning tool is also a smart way to understand and carry out different processes or calculations on the go.


Fast Figures

Another great application that is jam-packed with information, Fast Figures is outfitted with nearly 60 calculators that have calculations for engineering. The app is also preset to calculate other processes including real estate, finance, and sales. For utmost convenience and time-savings, users can include a pre-generated calculator application. Fast Figures can be customized based on user specifications.


Element 14 Everywhere

This is a great and invaluable application that is different from others in its respective class. You can effortlessly link with other engineers across the globe and talk about related engineering topics, such as the newest technologies to arise. Element 14 Everywhere is not merely a learning program, but also a form of social media that allows you to broaden your engineering vocabulary and understanding. The application takes you beyond traditional customs of study. With this app, you can easily be a component of a massive community of engineers to search for or offer help.


Engineer’s Calculator

Perhaps the most basic yet fairly important application, Engineer’s Calculator has no size restrictions or display digits in engineering notations. The calculator also sports a great amount of mathematical capabilities that will serve useful during your study or work.


Author Bio:- Evelyn Rivers writes about education, personal finance and helping readers earn Master of Engineering Degrees.


  • You didnt Mentioned ” Engineering on tips ” it is also a Great app for enginering students

  • awesome Bilal nice research and good collection of engineering apps thanks for sharing its very helpful…

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