How Students Benefit from Computer-Based Technology

Updated October 6, 2023

Students Benefit from Computer-Based Technology

Computer-based technology has made inroads into every aspect of our daily lives. From hailing a cab to paying bills to attending online classes – technology has come to influence all sectors of our lives including, health, transportation, communication and education. Today, computers and computer-based technology play a significant role in education. With its innovative tools, technology has remodelled our classrooms. Traditional chalk boards have been replaced with smart boards and copies and books with internet-enabled devices.

Even as smartphone adoption has grown more quickly among younger generation in emerging economies like Australia, large sections of teachers agree that technology has been a boon in encouraging more learning and the internet has been a major source of content, researches and teaching materials. Here are some of the ways that computer-based technology can help in providing quality education.

Smart Classrooms Create More Engaged Environment

Contrary to popular belief, technology is not a distraction to young minds but can encourage active participation within a peer group. Traditionally dull subjects can be turned into interesting and interactive fun activities through digital modes of imparting knowledge.

Easy Access to Course Material and Relevant Content

Technology has made browsing books in library a redundant learning activity. Instead, students browse the internet for study materials on compatible gadgets. Students now have easy access to course material and can download these from the schools’/colleges’ websites according to their need and convenience.

Short Messaging Service (SMS) – Beneficial EdTech Tool

Mobile learning via SMS can be a cost-effective and one of the easiest technologies to adopt in education. SMS or texting can be an innovative and convenient tool to create an environment of collaborative, flexible and interactive learning experience. Online SMS services provided by companies like TouchSMS which allow sending and receiving of online messages in bulk can be a useful tool in the hands of teachers and professors. These services can facilitate fast and easy communication with students in large groups.

Helps in Preparing Future-Ready Students

Using technology in classrooms is one of the most effective ways to introduce students to the digital world and make them ready for a digital future. Familiarizing students with concepts like PowerPoint, internet browsing for research work etc., can help arm the upcoming generation with technical knowledge to face the demands of a tech-driven future.

Improves Power to Grasp Concepts

Tech-driven learning experiences are highly interactive. The collective use of words, sounds and video make learning more engaging and provides a fully immersive learning experience.

Self-Paced Learning

Online classes and tuitions help students to learn at their own pace. Unlike in traditional classes, these digital classrooms provide the students with the advantages of learning at a time, pace and place convenient to them.

The range of digitally equipped classrooms can be pretty wide. Digital education methods may include websites, programmes, teaching tech tools, reading aids, and mobile apps and online SMS technologies. Technology is a great enabler in today’s world and in the field of education it is a great tool to empower students by encouraging more learning.

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